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Dresden Files

The Dresden Files Complete First Season
The Dresden Files TV

Stuff Jim Likes

Big Trouble in Little China
Ghosts, magic, and kung fu.
The Frighteners
Magic, ghostbusting, wisecracking, one very overwhelmed hero. Sound familiar?

Other Authors You Might Like

Burn Notice (Season 1)
Clever comedy-thriller about an ex-spy who takes on cases while trying to discover why he was blacklisted.
Middleman Complete Series
A superhero and his aspiring artist protege defend the Earth from exotic problems such as animated Terra Cotta Warriors, evil lucha libre wrestlers, extraterrestrial boy bands, and trout-eating zombies. Smart, snappy, and full of heart.
Castle (Season One)
Smartass mystery writer tags along with straight-laced cop, bringing his own brand of insight into murder investigations. Features lots of snarky banter, and definitely has Dresden fans on the writing staff.