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The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game


Evil Hat Productions, publisher of the Dresden Files RPGs, published the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, a puzzle card game, in 2017. Hidden Achievement has since created a video game adaptation of the card game as well.

The card game covers the first five books and contains five playable player decks. As of 2020, there are also five expansions covering additional novels up through Skin Game.

You can learn more about the card game at Evil Hat’s website.

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The Dresden Files is legal!

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Apr 012018

We don’t have an April Fool’s joke for you this year. Instead, we wanted to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Storm Front‘s publication on April 1st, 2000. That’s right, The Dresden Files is legal! Today, the series can do the following things:

  • Vote (likely for whatever’s the most contrarian position)
  • Buy a lottery ticket (ill-advised with Harry’s luck)
  • Buy cigarettes (though Harry leaves enough things smoking)
  • Get a tattoo (Susan has some great ideas. Molly has some terrible ones.)
  • Donate blood (Harry’s gonna need it)
  • Serve on a jury (Hey, there’s a short story about that!)
  • Buy fireworks (don’t try to match the One Woman Rave)
  • Go to jail (do not collect $200)
  • Have intimate relations with other consenting 18+ year old book series (what’s Anita Blake up to these days?)
  • Take Fool Moon to Rated-R movies.

We’re so grateful to our fans for 18 incredible years, and we look forward to entertaining you for many more.

In case you missed them, here are some of our April Fool’s pranks from the past:
2016 — Dresden Files Special Edition
2015 — Dresden Novels on Hiatus
2014 — Dresden Files coming to Broadway
2012 — Bigfoot Paranormal Romance
2011 — Fool Moon comic reboot and Li’l Harry Adventures
And a bonus: 2014 — Tower of Turtles’ sneak preview of Red Sun

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Two Dresden Files Games On Preorder Now, Shipping In June

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Feb 232017

Game publisher Evil Hat Productions is currently running a preorder for Dresden Files Accelerated, as well as for The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game (along with three expansions and the opportunity to purchase the bonus and variant card decks previously available only to the Kickstarter backers). Both games will ship in June, and those who preorder Dresden Files Accelerated will get exclusive early access to an electronic PDF of the RPG as soon as payment clears. You can learn more about both games at the links found below!

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Dresden Files Card Game Kickstarter Funds in Under 13 Hours

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Apr 192016

It’s launch day! The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Kickstarter blasted out of the gate last night at just past midnight, and has hit its initial funding goal inside of the first 13 hours, which is so on theme! 🙂 You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilhat/the-dresden-files-cooperative-card-game

They’ve also released a 4-player play-through video if you’re curious to see how the game works in play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eftjloMmca8

There are also “learn to play” videos on the page, and the Kickstarter video up top features our own Jim Butcher speaking as Harry Dresden.

Check out the campaign today, and bring a little more fuego to your tabletop!

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Jim at DragonCon • Dresden Files Card Game: Learn, Demo & Preview

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Apr 122016

Jim Will Be At DragonCon 2016

Jim has been confirmed as the DragonCon 2016 literary guest of honor (see Facebook post)! As one commenter notes, “Get ready for crazy lines at any panel that has him among the speakers.” And based on past years, they’re absolutely right. But those lines are so worth it.

Excited about DragonCon? You can discuss this over on the forums.

More Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game News

The folks over at Evil Hat Productions will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game later this month (possibly even next week — or the week after).

Make sure to subscribe to their mailing list to get news of its launch!

Learn to Play

As part of the run-up to the launch they’ve shared the rulebook for the game and a video that teaches you how to play the game. Watch it now, and get pumped—this game’s gonna be great!

Demo Opportunities in Maryland and Austin, TX

Evil Hat founder Fred Hicks will be demoing the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game several places over the coming weeks. Here’s the schedule!

Saturday April 16th • All Afternoon & Evening • Games & Stuff of Glen Burnie, MD

Games & Stuff is hosting their 16th birthday bash this weekend, and Fred will be there to run as many games as he can fill. (With four prototypes on hand, if there’s table space, he can accommodate up to 20 players at a time.) If you’re in Maryland and are curious about the game — or just want to check out a great game store — come on by!

Wednesday April 27th • All Evening • Wonko’s Toys & Games of Austin, TX

Fred will be in Austin this week, and is stopping by Wonko’s on Wednesday evening for their tabletop night. He’ll be demoing the game for as long as there are folks who want to demo it & space to do it. See you there!

Saturday April 30th • 4pm-6pm (signing & conversation from 2pm-7pm) • Dragon’s Lair of Austin, TX

But if the weeknight at Wonko’s doesn’t work for your schedule, never fear, Austin! Fred will also visit Dragon’s Lair as a part of International Tabletop Day. With the event in full swing, the store’s sure to be packed; they can only promise Fred a demo table for DFCO from 4pm-6pm, so make sure to get there in time to claim a spot. Spectators welcome, of course! And Fred will be there for at least an hour before and after to meet & greet & talk about the game. Should be a great time!

Anywhere else?

Fred is based in Maryland and will be looking for other opportunities to demo when he can. You can best find out what Fred’s up to on Twitter and Google Plus.

The game’s designer, Eric Vogel, is based out of California, and is frequently found at unstoppable game store juggernaut Endgame Oakland, so keep an eye out there as well.

And as always, you can stay current with what’s afoot at Evil Hat by signing up for their mailing list.

An Alpha Preview

Evil Hat has also given us a second exclusive preview for the game — here’s a look at the Billy & Georgia player deck!

Click to embiggen! That is too a word.

Click to embiggen! That’s an actual real word and everything. Honest.

When’s the Next Book Coming Out?

The answer is found as always in the upper right corner of the front page of Jim’s site, with a link to his upcoming works pagehttp://www.jim-butcher.com/faq/upcoming-works

No change in status from what’s shown there, folks. Jim is working, but there’s only one of him. These things take time! Don’t wear out the refresh button on that page or anything, but we will continue to keep the information there current. 🙂


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