The RPGs

Evil Hat Productions has published two pen & paper roleplaying game based on Jim’s Dresden Files series.

2010’s The Dresden Files RPG came in three volumes:

  • Volume 1: Your Story
  • Volume 2: Our World
  • Volume 3: Paranet Papers

In 2020, volumes 1 and 3 went out of print after ten years of availability, with volume 2 likely shortly on those heels.

2017’s Dresden Files Accelerated RPG moved away from the longer, bigger, heftier, multi-volume approach in favor of a single book, using a more modern, easily digested, faster-to-play version of the Fate system. This book remains in print, and it is the publisher’s recommendation that newcomers to roleplaying in the world of the Dresden Files should start with this.

Evil Hat has also published a cooperative card game based on the Dresden Files novels.