Microfiction #5: Everything the Light Touches

Written by Jim Butcher. Adapted and Illustrated by Adam Mathison-Sward.

Spoiler Warning for Changes and Skin Game. Takes place in the month before Peace Talks, but does not require any knowledge of that book.

Mister, I am.

Awaken.  Listen.  Home territory quiet.

Big Monkey is asleep in his room.  Big Monkey makes growling noises.  Little Monkey is asleep.  Dog is with her.

Down from bookshelf.  Into kitchen.  Over to bowl.  Bowl empty.


Eat Little Monkey?


Little Monkey has Dog.  And is sometimes useful.

Go to Big Monkey. 

Sit on Big Monkey’s chest.

Big Monkey tries to push me away.  Big Monkey always does.  I do not go away.  I lay down on Big Monkey’s face.

Big Monkey makes mouth noises.  “Mmph hrrmph terrboo seenng moosk.”

I knead Big Monkey’s chest with my front paws.  I extend my claws slightly.

“Ow,” says Big Monkey tiredly.  “Ow.  Ow.  Ow.”

I purr and keep kneading.

“Monster,” Big Monkey says.  “Fine, I’m awake.”

I allow Big Monkey to stand.  Big Monkey teeters over to the kitchen.  Puts food in food bowl.  Where it belongs.

Even a monkey could do it.

Dog rises and follows Big Monkey into kitchen.  Dog paws his dish and looks up at Big Monkey.

“Yeah, yeah,” Big Monkey yawns.  He gives food to Dog.

Go to Dog.

Swat Dog on the nose.

Dog runs away.

Victory is mine.

Big Monkey leans down to pet me.

As is proper.

Eat a bite of Dog’s food.  Knock the rest of Dog’s food on floor as a favor.  Dog can thank me later.

Go back to food bowl.  Eat food.

Back out to living room.  Big Monkey makes growling noises again.  Little Monkey is asleep on couch.  And warm.  And not so loud.

Jump on couch.  Purr to Little Monkey to keep her still while I settle down.

Snuggle Little Monkey.

Little Monkey is warm.  Nice.

Useful Little Monkey.

Dog comes and looks hopeful.

Extend paw to Dog with claws bared.

Dog runs away.


I must do everything around here.

Cat work is exhausting.

Purr.  Sleep.

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