Peace Talks Bingo

Want to add an element of competition to your read of Peace Talks? All the entries to the Peace Talks Bingo Challenge are in! Don’t worry, you won’t find spoilers here. These are purely fan speculation!

Grab your friends and have everyone pick a random bingo card (or get strategic and scour these 50 entries to find the one most in line with your predictions!), then check off events as they occur.

We haven’t had time to evaluate whether ANY of these actually contain bingos, so we advise you go by the number of correct answers. If you DO get a bingo, add a bonus ten points to your final score!

We also have a fabulous bingo card generator by Lumbernock, and Emma Cairstairs Blackthorn recorded a video explaining her predictions! And of course, where would we be without the video that started it all…

Want to give a card creator props for their work? Their online handles are included! The “t_” prefix indicates Twitter, “f_” is Facebook, and “i_” is Instagram.

(Note: Because we want to keep this site spoiler-free until folks have had a chance to read the book, we will not be crowning a winner for the template and card competitions until mid-August.)