Fanart Contest

Here are the details of the Official Year of Dresden Fanart Contest!

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Submissions now due February 20th.


1 Grand Prize: ARC of Peace Talks and 12”x18” print of the Mika Kuloda illustration of their choice, both signed by Jim Butcher

3 Runners-Up: 12”x18” Mika Kuloda art print, signed by Jim Butcher

As Many Honorable Mentions As We See Fit: Eternal Glory and Bragging Rights


Email the file to Accepted file types are jpg, png, and gif.  Must be under 30MB.

Please include the name you’d like to be credited as, a link to your portfolio (if you have one), and your country (mostly for the prize tier thing, but also because we’re nosy).

Submissions are due February 20th, 2020 at midnight Pacific time. 

Winners will be announced February 25th.


This contest is open to fans at all skill levels, professional and amateur alike!  Artists who have been commissioned to create official artwork for the series are ineligible.

We’d love to see entries from all around the globe, but for legal reasons, regretfully we can only send physical prizes to residents in the United States.  Therefore, international entries are eligible for Honorable Mentions, but not for the other prize tiers.

Feel free to create in any visual medium, though keep in mind that this contest is not for cosplay or fan films.  Creators can submit up to 10 works, though each entry will be considered individually.  Sequential art of maximum 8 pages can be considered a single work.

Entries do not have to have been created specifically for this contest—you may submit prior work.

You’re welcome to make use of characters, quotes, and other elements from the Dresden Files novels, shorts, comics, RPGs, and other tie-ins, but note that the art itself must be your own original work.  If integrating existing imagery, it must be royalty free and follow the rights holder’s terms and conditions for use.  (“I found it on Google Images” does not mean “royalty free.”)   Photomanipulations of official Dresden artwork and stills from the 2007 SciFi TV series are ineligible.

Try to keep entries at or below an “R” rating, in line with the spirit of the books.  Pornographic, abusive, or excessively vulgar entries will be disqualified.


This contest is all about elevating the incredible artists who make this fandom a vibrant, thriving creative community. To that end, we want to show our admiration by respecting their rights and not taking advantage of free labor. In submitting to this contest, participants give us permission to post their submissions WITH attribution on our website and various social media platforms, but the artwork remains the artists’ property.  We make no claim on the art and will not repurpose it for merchandise, media tie-ins, or other use without securing additional permissions from the artist and negotiating additional compensation. Because y’all are awesome and deserve nothing less.