Seen on the Net: Harry Connolly’s Fantasy Trilogy Kickstarter is a Great Deal

Harry Connolly should be well-known to Jim fans: Jim said this about Harry’s novel, Child of Fire:

“[Child of Fire] is excellent reading and has a lot of things I love in a book: a truly dark and sinister world, delicious tension and suspense, violence so gritty you’ll get something in your eye just reading it, and a gorgeously flawed protagonist. Take this one to the checkout counter. Seriously.”

For the past month, Harry has been running a Kickstarter to self-publish his epic fantasy trilogy The Great Way. And it’s been going great! The project funded quickly, and several stretch goals have been unlocked, including additional novels outside of the trilogy. The clock is running down, though: there’s less than 60 hours left before the opportunity to buy into the Kickstarter evaporates! (Don’t worry if you can’t, though: the books will be available for sale as e-books after they’re published.)

One of the stretch goals unlocked will be of particular interest to urban fantasy fans: backers will also get A KEY, AN EGG, AN UNFORTUNATE REMARK, an urban fantasy novel with a pacifist protagonist in her mid-sixties. The book is sort of like The Dresden Files if Harry Dresden was actually a cross between Auntie Mame and Gandalf. You can read more about that novel here.

At any rate, we hope you’ll give Harry’s kickstarter a look by or before the weekend. He’s a great author with a unique voice that deserves to find a wider audience. Here’s the project’s video to give you an idea of what it’s all about!

Ghoul, Goblin: #6 is Out, Hardcover Collection in December

The final issue of the Dresden Files Ghoul, Goblin graphic novel is out! Conceived by Jim, penned by Mark Powers, this one’s a doozy. The collected hardcover of all six issues is expected to arrive in December.


Issue #6 of Dynamite’s Dresden Files: Ghoul, Goblin comic book is here!

Harry Dresden has traveled to rural Boone Mill to smoke out the Nevernever refugees responsible for the murders of two siblings. Unfortunately, the quiet little town has proven to be treacherous. Dresden has made the cursed Talbots’ salvation his own personal crusade — but a bloodline can’t be cleansed without a blood sacrifice!

JIM BUTCHER’S DRESDEN FILES: GHOUL GOBLIN #6 (OF 6) •  Written by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers • Art by Joseph Cooper • Cover by Ardian Syaf

Available now at Comixology and comic stores everywhere!

Check out our preview, below.

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Jim Butcher Q&A from WyrdCon

We’ve got a streamed video from Jim’s Q&A at the recent WyrdCon. These things may contain spoilers, typically, so proceed with caution.

Here’s a link in case that video isn’t showing up properly for you.

Jim also played in Starship Valkyrie while there, and they’ve got the game on video too!

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