Happy Book Day, Battle Ground!

We’ll make this quick, because we know you have a book to read. At long last, Battle Ground is here!

Battle Ground: On Sale Now!

Here’s what people are saying:

“This is urban fantasy at its best, combining spectacular magic and deeply explored character.” —Publishers Weekly

The arc begun in Peace Talks comes to a deadly, destructive finish in the 17th “Dresden Files” book—and nothing will be the same again. — LibraryJournal

“Things are going to change, for Harry more than most—in ways from which he may never recover… sets the stage for a new direction in Harry’s life.” —Booklist

Still need to snag a copy? Support your favorite local independent bookstore, preorder a regular copy through the Jim-Butcher.com Store, or order from one of our virtual signing partners in the section below. Or if you’d rather immerse yourself in the dulcet decadence of James Marsters’ performance, snag the audiobook from our store or through Jim’s publisher.

Virtual Events & Signed Books

Last night, Jim hung out with Matt of Mysterious Galaxy and a cohort of fans. If you missed it, you still have plenty of opportunities to hear from Jim and ask your questions all this week. The booksellers in this list are also offering signed copies of Battle Ground, so jump on that!

Barbara's Bookstore Event

BARBARA’S BOOKSTORE CHICAGO: 9/29, 8:00pm ET / 7:00pm CT

FREE Virtual Q&A via Crowdcast TONIGHT, moderated by Dresden Files creative consultant and Peace Talks/Battle Ground trailer director Priscilla Spencer. Signed copies available for purchase.

B&N Battle Ground Event

BARNES & NOBLE: 9/30, 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT

FREE Virtual Q&A via B&N’s Facebook, moderated by Jim’s editor Anne Sowards. Signed copies available for purchase.

MUSCOGEE MINICON: 10/1, 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT

FREE Virtual Q&A event! Come chat on Discord with Jim and representatives from the Muskogee Public Library. Unfamiliar with Discord? Learn more here or watch the livestream on MPL’s Facebook page. No books will be sold or signed in conjunction with this event.

You can also order a signed book from Mysterious Galaxy or buy a book with a signed bookplate from Worldbuilders. Here’s a reminder of the gorgeous Adam Mathison-Sward art on the Worldbuilders bookplates:

Harry and Butters ride Sue the Zombie T-Rex into battle! Both are drenched with rain, but Harry holds his staff high as he yells a rallying cry. Butters clings to Harry's midsection in terror.

Illustrated Storm Front On Sale Thursday

In his lab, Harry holds Bob's skull in a parody of Hamlet's Yorick speech

Shawn Speakman of Grim Oak Press has unveiled a full-color deluxe edition of Storm Front, lavishly illustrated by Chris McGrath!

Preorders now through the end of September are open ONLY to fans who own the limited or lettered editions of Shadowed Souls. Orders will open to the general public starting this Thursday, October 1st, at 11am PT. And international fans rejoice: this is available worldwide!

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