8 thoughts on “Dresden Month — the time of Blood Rites is nigh!”

  1. man i just got the book. and am halfway through it. huge things we find out! i love jim

  2. Are there going to be any more Harry books after blood rites? Bought it off amazon this week and am about to finish it and I need more!!

  3. Harry Dresden books tend to come out every August. Blood Rites is the one for 2004. August 2005 will see Dresden #7, which I believe is tentatively titled ‘Dead Beat’.

  4. Got the book on Tuesday evening when I got home from work and had finished it by last night (Thursday) I couldn’t put it down – even had it in my desk drawer at work – sneaky reading!
    It was absolutely fantastic – probably the best book so far, loved every minute of it!
    Just one problem though….what do I read now???

  5. Just finished it. I did some sneaky reading at work too! Great book, excellent pacing! This yearly book release bites! I guess I can go back and savor the others.

  6. I love the way the series is shaping up. My only gripe is the wait between books. I got lucky and only found them about six months ago but I tore through them and suffered for months waiting for this book. Now I’ve got alot longer to wait. Guess I’ll just have to spend the next year or so spreading the craze for this book as I’ve already managed to infect about half my friends and family. 🙂

  7. I’ve finished the book and I just wanted to say that I LOVED it! The series just keeps getting better 😀

  8. I haven’t read the new book yet, but it is on my bedside table, waiting to be read. I just couldn’t help but comment on the people who seem to think that publishing/releasing books in a series isn’t fast enough; some authors start trying to satisfy the demand for more books per year and end up publishing sub-standard, badly written books that don’t have plots. Once a year is actually very good – there are authors whose books I have read who are writing and releasing a book every 5 years. So be thankful that Jim writes as well and as quickly as he does. Thanks for writing these books Jim! I’m looking forward to reading both Blood Rites and The Furies of Calderan! I LOVE BOB!

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