Dresden Short Story: Restoration of Faith

Ever wonder how Harry did as a private eye before he set out on his own? Read about Harry’s life as a Ragged Angel in Jim’s short story, Restoration of Faith.

19 thoughts on “Dresden Short Story: Restoration of Faith”

  1. Very nice. I loved ‘seeing’ Harry meet Murphy for the first time. Gives some nice history for the pair.
    Thanks for giving us this wonderful entertainment!

  2. Thank you for this bit of Dresden lagniappe. Can’t get enough of these wonderful stories. You’re the best Jim Butcher!

  3. Thanks for this short story! Really cool.
    Harry is great fun. This piece of history it a perfect fit… VOTE FOR MURPHY!

  4. Ebenezer is a cool old guy and a strong character but I sure liked the addition of the puppy in Blood Rites

  5. Wow! I loved this story! Seeing how Harry met Murphy was cool! Thanks Jim! VOTE THOMAS!

  6. This story was great. I love how Jim make each character leep off the page and smack you in the face. You could almost feel the troll’s cleaver swish past your head as you read. This short tale really helps in setting up the foundation of the main story line. It makes you feel that you have one up on the average reader.

  7. I read this story last night and really enjoyed it! It was great to catch a glimpse of Harry before the first novel… A++++++++++++++++

  8. Hmm… so that’s how Harry and Murphy met. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing. I loved the conversation part about Faith’s grandma… perfect.

  9. Retoration of Faith…brilliant short story. I love it. However…I’m lost on whoever Nick is. I know Harry works for him and such, but there’s gotta be a way to place more story on him. However if that were the case we’d be going back to the dawn of time…so um, I’m good with it. Had to laugh, litterally fell out of my chair one time. And yet, it has been done again…I have gained a new phrase: “He couldn’t bum a cigarette off the Marlbro Man.” I can’t wait to use it. I have to agree with Mike Peterson there, Mr. Butcher does have a way with expressing characters. He really puts everything in perspective, makes me live the moment. Which is not alway a good thing…but only my teachers complain. *cough*votebob*cough* Sorry. Bad cold.

  10. I’m glad to see that Murphy didn’t always try to arresst Harry when in doubt about his involvement. I love reading about Dresden and hope there’s more after book six.

  11. (Said in a bored, uninterested tone) Well, I guess this little short can hold me over until Dead Beat…
    Just kidding! 🙂
    I am deeply grateful for Jim to offer his fans a brief glimpse of Harry’s life before the events of Storm Front. More importantly, how Harry and Murphy first met. However, by giving us this short story, we fans can only hope that Nick and/or Faith will reappear in the Dresden books.
    So, next year we can be expecting Harry’s latest adventure, huh? Very well worth the wait!

  12. Anyone else notice that Harry had plenty of “faith” in this story. Personally, I’m a tad curious as to how and why he lost all of said faith. Thanks for the amazing story Mr. Butcher, you’re my hero. Keep ’em coming, and we’ll keep reading. How can we just vote for one character, they’re all so amazing. Decisions, decisions…

  13. Wow!!! Great prologue to the main books. I had always wondered how Harry and Murphy met. 2005 is so very far away. But I know it’ll be worth the wait. Jim Butcher….your imagination is a wonderful, weird place. Keep it up!!

  14. I find it quite painful, that I have to wait till next year for the next book.but the short story does go along way, to explain some puzzles. Cold turkey. not good not gooooood at all. Need big fat book. please…

  15. Is Restoration of Faith out in bookstores? If so where can I find this book? Any info would be great Thank you.

  16. Noooo, the story isn’t in any book. It’s a short story, that Jim wrote, that we’re providing in its full form here on the website.

  17. Thanks for the short Jim. You should do more of these to ‘tide us all over’ between books! ::grin::
    I have been an avid reader since the beginning and now two of my sons are enjoying your books too! Missed you at ARCHON this year – hope to see you next.

  18. I first picked up Storm Front in the library, and now you’ve inveigled me into buying Blood Rites because it won’t hit the library shelves fast enough for me… so please, please let us know if you ever fill in any more holes with short stories like this.

  19. okay, so I sorta screwed myself, I just got Blood Rites, and I let my wife read it first, so I thought I’ll go online and check about Furies. Long story short (too late), just read Restoration, sweet, hilarious, engaging and just plain excellent. Now I won’t have anything to tide me over until next August, atleast not Dresden stuff. Oh well planned on getting Furies anyway. Now I just have to steal Blood Rites back from the wife. Thanks Mr. Butcher for such an incredible collection of books.

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