Excerpts from the September 2004 Locus

Under “Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman” in the September 2004 issue of Locus Magazine:

Jim Butcher, FURIES OF CALDERON (Ace 0-441-12299-3, $23.95, 440pp, hc) October 2004. Cover by Steve Stone.

Butcher jumps into epic fantasy with this first novel in “The Codex Alera”, a considerable departure from his previous “Dresden Files” contemporary urban fantasy detective series. FURIES introduces a world where everyone past puberty has a fury, a magical/elemental spirit that helps them and gives them magical talents: watercrafters can heal and read emotions, firecrafters can influence others’ emotions or use fire offensively, metalcrafters are smiths and warriors, and so on. Apprentice shepherd Tavi is 15, but furyless, something unheard of, and desperate to prove himself; a search for lost sheep entangles him in an enemy invasion and an attempted rebellion. Butcher has created a fascinating world and magic system, and peopled it with some truly engaging characters–and intriguing hints of a great Destiny that awaits Tavi in future volumes, though this one is nicely self-contained for the start of a promising series.

Under “Other Rights”:

Audio rights to Jim Bitcher’s GRAVE PERIL, third in his “Dresden Files” series, sold to Buzzy Multimedia via Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Agency.

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