Furies Wallpaper available

Close on the heels of the cover art, I’ve put together this desktop wallpaper for Furies of Calderon. Click on the thumbnail to get the full 1024×768 size (right-click and choose the option to save the link target).

2 thoughts on “Furies Wallpaper available”

  1. This is soo awesome, I love it. Now I will have yet another addiction it seems, tyvm JIM!! Lol, wow, just wow. I didn’t click on those buttons up there as I don’t know which is like or not like lol it doesn’t show up.

  2. I’m a relatively new reader of your work but just knew I would be including your books among those that I keep when I was just a few chapters into the first Dresden novel. Though I love ‘Harry’ the cover of your new series looks awesome and I will definitely be checking out all your new and future work.

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