Schedule Bump

Jim reports about the release dates on his next books:

I heard this week that my publisher is moving up the next Dresden book in the schedule. Book 7, Dead Beat, is coming out in hardback in May rather than August, so you get the new book 3 months early. Similarly, the next Furies book will be out in July rather than October. Cool, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Schedule Bump”

  1. This is great! Will you be doing any promotional appearances for these books?

  2. Yeah!!!! I just got my Fiance’ hooked on Furies, so she’ll be glad of the news.

  3. Great! You’ve pretty much replaced LKH for me since her last 2 books have devolved into 90% soft porn 10% story.

  4. I just want to say that Dresden series are great. I agree with alan 100%. I recommended the series to couple of my friends, they love it and we all are Harry’s devoted funs. Please keep the good work and do not change the style. I haven’t read the Furies yet, but if it is anything like Dresden series, I am sure I will enjoy it.

  5. Hardcover?!? Grr. Books 1-6 have all come out in paperback. Why change now? It’s going to be a much longer wait for me since I’ll have to wait for the paperback version.
    Oh well. That’s the life of a broke college student.
    : (

  6. First you get your NAME in bigger print, then Furies comes out in Hardback… Now your NAME is BIG and DeadBeat is going HardBack and everything is going to be 3 months earlier!!! *hugs* I’m so happy for you, you’re getting on up there, Jim. Just don’t forget us, ne? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Excellent! It’s good to hear that things are going well for you and the series. It’s so hard to find a consistantly good writer, and you’re my favorite.

  8. Awesome news! My birthday is in May, and Dead Beat is definitely going at the top of my wish list. Thank the great furies we won’t have to wait another full year!

  9. Delighted to see that Dead Beat is coming in hard cover-since the Dresden Files are keepers for me. Plus it really means something for the popularity of the series! For those concerned with price of hard covers (and they are expensive), you can always request that your local public library purchase the book for circulation. Love the cover art, too!

  10. Jim,
    Excellent news about Dead Beat- both the schedule bump AND the hardcover release!
    Hope all’s well– and please ask the publisher to send an ARC to SFRevu! I really want to review this one!
    all best,

  11. I love you. I love the Dresden books and I DO have the first Furies, but haven’t been able to find the time and concentration to read anything lately.

  12. Great News, Jim!!
    can’t wait for more in the Dresden Series – hope you have lots more books lined up!!
    Read your first two chaps of the Furies, sounds interesting, will look out for that… keep up the good work, we need gifted authors and good storytellers.
    best wishes

  13. That is awesome that everything is being bumped up. Reall, really looking forward to the next book. It’s good to see that your final getting the recognition that you deserve. Your a great author. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Your Dresdenite

  14. Why hardcover? i’ve never seen any of the other Dresden Files in hardcover.

  15. I love both of your series!! I have them all…What is the name of the new Alera book?

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