7 thoughts on “California Cons for Jim”

  1. Thats great Jim is doing more personal appearances, but California is way the heck on the other side of the country. Jim come visit sunny Florida. We would love to have you in central Florida. Just think of the down time with all the attractions and the great beaches. Think about it. Please……….

  2. There a schedule for Jim’s appearance at Comic Con? My wife and he share the same agent and I love his books so it would be good to meet him.

  3. I would be pleased if Jim would visit Michigan too! Lansing area would be great! Great job Jim, with everything!!

  4. Hey Jim, come on back to where the magic started! Come and visit Oklahoma!!!

  5. Jim please come to the UK, before people get sick of me talking/posting about your books! Pretty please, with a cherry on the top?

  6. Does anyone know if any of the hardbacks will be available for sale at his autograph sighing at Comic Con?

  7. Jim and his wife are the nicest people EVER! Jim was very patient, signed ALL my books (and I mean all of them – the seven Dresden books) and laughed at my story of my reaction when I bought “Dead Beat.” He even signed the shared picture with James Marsters – dubbed “The James Sandwich” at the Con – and was generally very sweet. I may be going to Comic-Con too this Saturday; hopefully I’ll see him there again, say hi.

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