Dead Beat’s first run sells dry

Word from Jim:
“Just thought I’d let you guys know that the first run of Dead Beat sold dry in three days. They’re sending the book back to the press for another run, which is fairly unusual for hardbacks, according to my editor. Neat stuff!”
“15k on the first run. New copies can come out anywhere from a week to a month later. Note that there are still copies available, but they’re all in the pipeline from distributors to stores, and the orders to restock ate up the tiny surplus copies. If they handle it right, there shouldn’t be a problem with actually acquiring the book from the bookstore-customer standpoint.”

61 thoughts on “Dead Beat’s first run sells dry”

  1. Dead Beat was great. I don’t believe it was the best book out of the series, but it was still up there. Kumori is an interesting conundrum, she’s obviously White Council. Who? There weren’t quite as many wise-cracks as I enjoyed in some of the previous novels, but then again, there was a quite a bit of action to make up for it. Mouse is awesome, enough said. Thomas is Thomas, a unique character. I can’t really decide whether to like him or not.

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