7 thoughts on “Jim Will Attend Moonlight Rising”

  1. Should be working fine now. Just went there and viewed it myself. You may need to refresh or dump the cache to view, depending on your browser, but I can see it. And I am VERY excited about this!!!!

  2. Everyone should go into Moonlight Rising with their eyes open to the MANY problems they have had over the years. I’ve been 3 out of 4 times and if I were to go, it would only be a day pass and only to meet Jim. Most of the ppl I was there with this year felt it was not worth the money and they had issues most of the weekend.

  3. Oh man…Jim I highly suggest you DON’T go to this convention just because of all the problems. The last author to go was bad mouthed a lot just to warn you.
    But if you do decide to go then more power to you and I hope a lot of your fans show up to see you.

  4. Say hi to Jonathon Woodward for me. He is a hoot! Nice and funny guy. His portrayal of Tracey in Out of Gas in Firefly was great. Every time I hear the speech he makes on the little recorder I get choked up.
    Wish I was going to see yall there!

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