Proven Guilty sighted on store shelves!

Reports are already trickling in that folks have seen Proven Guilty, book eight of the Dresden Files series, on bookstore shelves (or, at least, behind the counter for people who preordered). This is really one of the best yet in the series — get your copy today!

10 thoughts on “Proven Guilty sighted on store shelves!”

  1. I have Proven Guilty ordered from the virtual signing. I am so excited, I can’t wait to get it. I am sure it is awesome, I have loved everyone of the books so far.

  2. my copy just arrived via amazon :oD
    *makes the happy dance of joy*
    i’m off now…
    *dances some more*
    hugs and puppies,
    *dances yet again* ;o)

  3. Bought it on the weekend along with “Ill Wind” (Rachel Caine) and “Doppelganer” (Marie Brennan).
    Now, this is one of those things that make you go, “Hmmm…”:
    When I got home, I found that “Ill Wind” has a recommendation on it from Jim. And “Doppelganger” has a recommendation from Rachel Caine. Eery!

  4. Huge rasberries to everybody who has managed to get a copy of proven guilty, those of us in the UK are still waiting for their pre ordered copies from Amazon, they are now quoting the 18th of May Aaaaagh !!!

  5. *facepalm* Well I just found it on the shelves. I guess I’m way behind.
    Just looked up and *shazam* …there it was! I hope the Barnes and Nobel people don’t mind the random squee heard from the stacks in the back… in the scifi section….

  6. Haha. Here in Springfield, MO my friend found the book and bought it about 2 weeks early. He was in Barnes and Nobel I believe and he saw the book, purchased it, and then walked out shifty eyed. 😀 hehe. My B-day is on May, 2 so he went back and got another copy for me that day. I’m just starting reading it, but his whole family read it before it even came out !

  7. I had to special order it from my local bookseller… even though they have Jim’s paperbacks… plus have to pay full price. Guess I should have gone to Borders instead. Anyhow, finished it in one evening. Very very good, one of the best I would say! Now, can they reissue the originals in hardcover please?

  8. I got my copy of the book last friday, (Forbiden planet London branch)….. Here comes the rant..
    I am bloody not happy about the book..finshed it in one day…thought I made a mistake, so read it again in bloody one day again.. arhhhh! its only 406 pages…. I feel cheated.. I made up my mind no more Dresden Files for me.. ( just kidding)..
    I want a big fat book like maybe 812 pages..
    Point of fact. if you got something to do don’t read this book. It grabs you and boy forget about your will power.
    Go mouse!

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