Dec 072007

Dying to dress your walls in all things Dresden? Know a huge fan in need of a holiday surprise? You’re in luck! The Dabel Brothers have just released an exclusive poster featuring a scene from “Storm Front” that’s sure to make any fan smile.
The poster features Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files,” in a scene fans of the novels will likely remember: Harry is attacked by the toad demon Kalshazzak and ends up out in the street, in the nude, with his date, Susan. (After all, a date with Harry Dresden is an invitation to expect the unexpected!) The poster depicts the exciting climax of the battle, as Harry channels the power of a storm and blasts the demon with a bolt of lightning.
The poster measured 18×24 inches and will be printed on heavy, glossy paper that is suitable for framing or simply for decorating a wall. Best of all, it’s only $14.99, plus shipping. Posters will be carefully rolled and shipped in packing tubes. The Dabel Brothers guarantee all orders placed by December 15th ­will be delivered in time for Christmas!
It’s easy to order — just head over to The Dabel Brothers’ website and click on the “Store” tab, or go here. Discuss this news on the forum here.

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