Dresden Files TV Show Canceled

We finally have our answer, and it’s just as we suspected: the Dresden Files TV show has been canceled. Read more about the decision at TV Guide.com.

While we wish SciFi could have decided differently, we’re still grateful for the twelve great episodes that aired earlier this year. Largely thanks to the TV show, book sales tripled, and no doubt more new fans will continue to discover the series through reruns and the DVDs. Speaking of which, the DVDs will be released this Tuesday! Buy them here on Amazon.com.

Additionally, fans of Paul Blackthorne will be cheered to learn that he has joined the cast of ABC’s Big Shots.

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Addendum, 2014: This show was canceled in 2007. There’s no bringing it back. The rights have reverted to Jim.

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170 thoughts on “Dresden Files TV Show Canceled”

  1. Sucks, I think it was just the wrong years for the Dresden Files to be released. With shows airing now like lost girl and continuum, CW playing all the vampire movies, the Dresden Files would have had a better fighting chance. I really think Dresden Files has a lot better plot set ups then most of those shows. Plus the way the Dresden’s character is set up makes it really easy for hour long shows. I also think special effects were a little more costly in 2007. Sucks Syfy already set the stage up, I think A&E could have done a really good job making some of the Characters more Defined. Playing more on the Vampire courts, Thomas and High Council. Even being able to throw in Maeve, and Mab. Just my two sense… Who knows maybe Netflix, or Hulu will pick it back up after they see how many people actually watched it. Sucks they would need a different Harry. I think Paul Blackthorne was pretty spot on.

  2. Its the prefect time to review bringing Dresden files back! Start over! With paranormal blasting its way into our live we need something fresh like Dresden files! Its as good as Vampire Diaries and drastically better than The Witches of Eastend, I was heart broken with the cancellation way back when and still bleeding years later!


  4. The show was cancelled because the fans that actually knew about the books pretty much abandoned it due to it being absolutely nothing like them. The characters had the same name, but they couldn’t really even follow even a few of the plot points of the book series. They had a plethora of villains to expand on in ways the book couldn’t, but instead had to make crap up and go so far as to having Bianca work with Dresden. Uncool, uncouth, and it’s no wonder the show was cancelled, no matter how good the cast was. Bob, Dresden, and even Murphy were wonderfully cast. I forgave the hair because the actress who played Murphy pretty much nailed it. That said, the plot points were dreadful, and it completely lacked key elements the book series made you fall in love with. Firefly also had the misfortune of not being in any sort of chronological order, hence why people also didn’t follow it as much, and why it had the horrid time slot. Yes, it was good, but the lack of order there made fox feel that it would confuse their audience.

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