The Future of the Dresden Files brings us good news about the future of The Dresden Files:

You know you are big time when you get to sell unnamed book 12 and unnamed book 13.
Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES 12 and DRESDEN FILES 13, new books in the successful series, now also a television show, featuring Harry Dresden, wizard-for-hire, in Chicago, to Anne Sowards at Roc, in a significant deal, by Jennifer Jackson at the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Looks like we’re safe for the time being!
Jim has stated on several occasions that he is planning to write a total of about 20 Dresden Files “case books” like those we’ve read so far, then cap off the series with an Apocalyptic Trilogy. The tenth book in the series, Small Favor, is due out in Spring 2008.
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Priscilla Spencer has been Jim's creative consultant since 2007. In addition to managing content for and its social media channels, she beta-reads all of Jim's works, serves as a thematic consultant on the graphic novels and role playing games, and illustrates the maps for his books. The whole "Year of Dresden" thing is largely her baby. Her latest claim to fame is directing the official book trailers for Peace Talks and Battle Ground. In her professional life, Priscilla is a Producer, Writer, Photographer, and Fantasy Map Illustrator working towards a career in producing TV. She enjoys musical theatre, gluten-free cooking, sci-fi/fantasy, and weightlifting. She aspires to travel the world and pet every dog.

84 thoughts on “The Future of the Dresden Files”

  1. What do you mean only 20 books……..Thats not nearly enough!
    Absolutely love the books but the show leaves me a bit flat. It doesn’t quite capture the magic that is uniquely Harry.
    Keep writing Jim, not many writers keep me enthralled past book 5, but i love this series. Must admit that I love the Alera series as much so please please please continue to enjoy their tales so you can pass them on.

  2. Unlike what seems to be a majority of the posters prior to me here, I got into the books before the TV series hit the screen.
    They are fantastic, Harry is gritty and seems to get the tar whaled out of him on a regular basis (at least once per book :-D).
    In direct contrast, whilst I enjoyed the television series as a stand alone, they were not really Harry Dresden as I knew him, changing the Skull to a foppish well dressed man didn’t really work for me and on the whole I found it dumbed down and lightened up for the tv masses.
    I for one am not terribly upset on a personal level that they have cancelled series 2 through Sci Fi Channel. Try to get the first series remade through the BBC or Channel 4 in the UK and work to keep the feel.

  3. Like a lot of other folks ,I didn’t latch onto the harry Dresden books till after I saw the tv show AND I’VE WORKED IN A LIBRARY FOR 20 YEARS! Well better late than never! I am also keeping my fingers crossed that I can play test the new Dresden Files Role Playing Game. I’ve been playing those since 1976! A chance to BE harry? You bet!!( Well with my dice rolling maybe I can be TootToot.)

  4. The Dresden Files TV series is the only TV series where I did not have a problem with the changes they made to the look of the thing to suit TV. I found Bob’s transformation into a ghost logical as speaking to a blue spark and having to explain to the audience each time that he is a spirit of the air would be naff. is a network, networks are not very bright when it comes to judging quality shows – look at Fox – they cancelled Firefly. Let them know in no uncertain terms what mental midgets they are – maybe someone will listen and fire the twerp who makes calls like these.

  5. 20 books?! Holy smokes Mr. B it should be double that! The Dresden Files is my new addiction and certainly better than any male wizard novels out there (inlcuding Harry Potter).
    Please Jim, please make many more of Dresden novels! Pretty please with cherry on top?!

  6. I didnt know anything about dresden until i flipped the channel to scifi to watch stargate and was a bit dissapointed when i saw it wasnt on thinking, here we go with another “ok but not great” scifi movie and didnt have anythign else to do so i watched the first episode of dresden files.
    since then ive bought and read every book atleast three/four times each, that was a suprise to me because the only other 5+ book series that i completely re-read was The Wheel of Time books.
    so i look forward to the next couple books and pray that ye will write more than just 20 (espically since it takes me only a day to read one of the books, they dont last long enough, bah, curses)

  7. When I first saw commercials for the Dresden Files, I immditaely wanted to see it. Then my girlfriend showed me that, the series I loved deeply was actually inspired by a series she was fanatical over. I’m not a fast reader, but in the course of 4 months, I’ve gone from never reading a single Dresden book to starting book 5. Keep in mind I was deprived of books 3-7 for about a month. That means I’ve become addicted enough to kill 4 (soon to be 5) books in the course of 3 months. I love this series, and hate the idea of its end being half-way here. At least I can hope for another five or eight years of my favorite wizard.

  8. I was watching a Sci-Fi miniseries when I saw a commercial for the Dresden Files TV series. I was like “Oh yeah! Gotta try that.” I found out while watching one of the episodes that they were based on the book series, so I picked them up and ended up reading one a week.
    Great series.

  9. i had someone get me interested in your books years before the series. the books are wonderful love your writing. when i saw they were filming a TV series i said i HAVE to see that. the series is good.. there were some things lost in translating to TV .. (like hairys big cat, and his house) i do hope they put some filming back on track for a second season

  10. I had always planned on reading the Dresden files series, but never got around to it until the serires aired. I now own all of the books in the series including Small Favor in hardback. I really enjoy this series and am saddened that the SciFi channel did not renew this show. I am afraid that the networks do not let series run long enough to get a true following anymore. MASH would never have made it under the new network phylosophy either. I hope another network becomes enlightened and picks up this project.

  11. i never really was into buying books because i could usually find them in the public library…but when the dresden files case out on television i was hooked and went to the public library and tried to find them…sadly they did not…i kinda forgot about it then but when i was in english class one day we started talkign about the Erlking (and someone mentioned that he’s the the dresden files and i was like “dude! that’s awesome”) so i went to books a million and finally bought a book (although it wasn’t the first one i bought…sorry i bought the 6th harry potter book as my first book ever bought) but i ended up switching between barnes adn noble’s and books a million to get the entire series…which kinda sucked cause i would buy them as i read them and sometimes i’d finish the book the same day i read it but i couldn’t get back to the store…but then i was shocked when i finallt caught up and realizedi couldn’t read the 11th book cause it wasn’t out yet…so i’m really getting excited while i wait for april 7th (my fav tv show is doctor who but whenever i think about turn coat, i wish doctor who was real so we could go to april 7th and get the book…kinda dorky but shut up) i live in the southern states (lke alabama) and i seriously considered going to chicago for the midnight release of turn coat for about 2 seconds till i realized that it was a tuesday and i have class to go to…anyway i think i’ve taken up enough of the space on this thingy…I CAN’T WAIT FOR TURN COAT!!! just thought i’d end with that little tidbit…well technically i haven’t ended my enormous message (although i’m really srry to anyone tryign to read this for the spelling misstakes, i tried to fix them but then i realized i was bored and stopped trying to make someone’s life easier…so behold the millions of mistakes in my typing and deal with it in therapy) so au revior mine peoples and may god take mercy on my everlasting torment and decide to give the month of march the day off and go right into april after feb 28…i kinda expanded that thought for anyone who didn’t understadn what i was saying…and knowing me that was probably all of you peoples cause sometimes even i don’t know what the heck i’m saying….ok but seriously i’m gonna stop talking now and go back to wishing the TARDIS and Delorians going exactly 88 miles per hour can really exist…

  12. Oh my God, I just read the first five chapters of Turn Coat. It was freaking awesome, I have always been an avid reader and my favorite book used to be the Harry Potter series. Now that I have found the Dresden Files I gave up Potter and started on Harry(Kind of a Paradox ain’t it?). Anyways, I’m in high school and I get all my books from my library, so once I found out that there was a new Dresden book coming out I knew I had to have it. I put in a request for the school to purchase it a while ago and they still have not bought it. They have all the other ones but not Turn Coat. It’s terrible, horrible, mind-melting torture. Morgan, the Warden that always follows Harry, comes to him in search of help!!! He is all busted up!!! It’s amazing!!! My school just won $5,000 for being super spirited and having respect, but still they do not purchase it!!! Anyways, sorry for wasting your time with this super long post.
    HARRY DRESDEN IS THE BOMB THAT WILL GO NUCLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jim Butcher, thank you very much for giving my mind some new meat to chew. I originally found your books while browsing for something to read while on a vacation in Boston. After buying the first two books on a whim, I have been hooked on them. The universe that you have built has gone beyond mere sci-fi&fantasy standards; you have truly made something that evokes thoughts to develop on top of what you have already established. In other words, you have created a series which I can not only devour and enjoy quickly, but a series which I can gnaw on the bones of what-if’s and what-about-these’s.
    The Dresden Files certainly rank on my top books/series of all time, sharing space with A Game of Thrones, The Name of the Wind, and the Sherlock Holmes stories, among many others.
    All in all, thank you very much for writing the books I actually am willing to spend the little money I have, being a poor college student, and I am sure that once I have more income, I shall surely buy Turn Coat and every book hence.
    Tyler Johnson

  14. please i beg you write this wonderful series till you die never stop just one book after another like hank the cowdog did it would be awesome

  15. the dresden files are some of the best books to come out in many years harry is my kind of hero he greets sertain doom with sarcasme and quik wit. I read the furies of calderon its one of the best fantasy novels since the fellowship of the ring

  16. I was introduced to these books bye a dear frienbd…and I have read every single one…
    THEN I heard about the TV show…I was told that it wasn’t good >.> But you see Mr. Butcher, I am a very indepenadant woman, so I watched it.
    Can I just say WOW, even though they are not completely like the books, which I understand not all can be, they make a great atdn a lone watch.
    I am only on the ninth ep but I was raring for a second season…but it seem it got cutt off, and no one really knows why :/ It has distressed a lot of your fans, though we still love you, and will never leave, we want the TV show back ,or maybe even a movie for each book type of thing…anyways. I love your work, and It has brought me back into my writting, as I hope to be an authour.
    Good luck with your novles, I am going to stay with them
    Sinceraly, Karissa

  17. Dear Mr. Butcher
    I just wanted to say thank u not only for the dresden files but for the codex of alera they were both masterfully done and i look forward to the rest of the dresden files again thank u

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