Artwork for BACKUP Just Turned In

Yoinked from the Subterranean Press site:

Jim Butcher Update — Artwork for BACKUP Just Turned In

Just a quick update on Backup, the Dresden Files tale by Jim Butcher due later this year. Mike Mignola has just turned in the cover and interior illustrations for our 72 page hardcover chapbook. The limited edition is long sold out, but copies of the $20 trade hardcover may still be preordered. Given Jim’s legions of fans, we suspect this one won’t be around for long after it’s released this fall, so you might want to get in an early order to be certain of receiving a copy. We’ll post samples of Mike’s artwork in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Artwork for BACKUP Just Turned In”

  1. To say I am excited is an understatement! What a great year! I have already paid for my copy of Backup along with some other goodies.
    My favorite time of the year is now April and October.
    THANK YOU EVERYBODY(and JB of course)!

  2. I am greatly interested in obtaining a copy of the trade hardcover. I do not like purchasing ANYTHING over the internet. Could I order it over the phone or is there an address that I can send a check to?

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