Nov 072008

The results are in for the (First Annual?) Dabel Brothers’ Dresden Files Halloween Costume Contest! Check out the winners here. Thanks to all who participated!
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  2 Responses to “Costume Contest Results!”

  1. I want to send many thanks Dabel Brothers Publishing and Jim Butcher for having the Dresden Files Halloween Costume Contest. It was both fun and challanging for me to build our Toot-Toot. I also want send many, many, many thanks for selecting my Toot costume as the first place winner. We, Emilie (my Toot-Toot) and I were thrilled! My family and friends were also excited for us. Thanks for all the prizes. We will treasure them. (No E-bay sales for us.) But the most important thing to me is that Emilie had a great time being Toot-Toot for halloween! She went to parties, her school carnival and trick or treating as Toot-Toot, the dew drop faery. I explained Toot to her.
    We had a great holiday. Thanks for everything!
    Jackie Ashby

  2. I’d love to see the winners! The link is broken any chance of this being reposted?

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