Aug 282008

Subterranean Press has just released the cover piece for their illustrated edition of Storm Front, featuring art by Vincent Chong.

SubPress reports:

The first of our Dresden Files limited editions took a huge step closer to publication this week, as Vincent Chong turned in the cover for Jim Butcher’s Storm Front. Vinny is hard at work on the interior illos. As soon as he completes those, we’ll be sending the book to the printer. As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t expect to have copies of Storm Front for wholesalers or large online retailers, so your only option on this one is ordering direct from SubPress.
Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcovers: $60

This is not to be confused with the Dabel Brothers’ graphic novel adaptation of Storm Front, penciled by Ardian Syaf and scripted by Mark Powers. More info on that coming soon!
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