Sep 152008

The Dabel Brothers dish on the Welcome to the Jungle hardcover trade, coming next month:

An original adventure set in the New York Times bestselling Dresden Files universe–scripted by Jim Butcher himself!
Written by Jim Butcher * Illustrated by Ardian Syaf
When the supernatural world goes out of control, there’s only one man to call: Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard in the Chicago telephone book. The spectacular and gory death of a security guard at the Lincoln Park Zoo has attracted a media frenzy, and the police are under pressure. Obviously, the death must be the result of the attack of an escaped gorilla—except that the evidence on hand doesn’t support the obvious explanation. In fact, it doesn’t support any kind of explanation this side of sanity…
On sale October 14!
978-0-345-50746-4 * $19.95 / $22.95 Canada
Limited edition alternate jacket (only for sale in comics stores–preorder your copy TODAY!)
978-0-345-50859-1 * $19.95 / $22.95 Canada

Fans can find full-color previews from three of the four issues here, here, and here.
Pre-order your copy through the store or from Random House. Find the nearest comic store with Diamond’s Comic Shop Locator tool!
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