Feb 052009

New York Comic Con is this weekend! Jim won’t be in attendance this year, unfortunately, but tomorrow (Friday) night, forum moderator Priscellie is hosting a casual dinner for Butcher fans and our friends. It’ll be held at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ‘s 31st Street and 8th Avenue location, starting at 8:30pm.
If you’re interested in joining us, let us know before noon EST tomorrow by RSVPing in the comments section of this entry or on the forum post on the subject. Hope to see you there! Dresden and Alera costumes are encouraged. 😀
EDIT: Note change of venue!

  2 Responses to “NYCC Meetup”

  1. My boyfriend (Adam Arnett) and I are planning to attend! We’re coming from Jersey so we might be a little late but we’ll try to make it on time.

  2. Adam is coming from DC, left at 2:45pm and just now got to Jersey (7:45pm) – apparently there was a 25 mile back up. We just missed the train and the next is an hour away. So sorry! We were looking forward to it!

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