Storm Front #4 hits stores today!

Issue #4 of the Storm Front graphic novel hits stores today! Use Diamond’s Comic Store Locator to find the retailer nearest you!

Author: priscellie

Priscilla Spencer has been Jim's creative consultant since 2007. In addition to managing content for and its social media channels, she beta-reads all of Jim's works, serves as a thematic consultant on the graphic novels and role playing games, and illustrates the maps for his books. The whole "Year of Dresden" thing is largely her baby. Her latest claim to fame is directing the official book trailers for Peace Talks and Battle Ground. In her professional life, Priscilla is a Producer, Writer, Photographer, and Fantasy Map Illustrator working towards a career in producing TV. She enjoys musical theatre, gluten-free cooking, sci-fi/fantasy, and weightlifting. She aspires to travel the world and pet every dog.

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  1. Both series are great! Your research is spot on with what a soldier would actually say (i.e.leigonaire).Some parts remind me of the tough warrior ethos found in Gates of Fire. Keep up the good work.

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