Dec 112010

Ever been curious to see what Dresden looks like in Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, French, Dutch, and more? Want to help out some folks in need? Check out the following email from Julie Woodman:

Hi! I have a bunch of books that Jim gave to me to auction for charity again. I have a decent sized stack (20+ books) of autographed foreign language editions of his various Dresden Files books — mostly the earlier ones. I started putting them on ebay yesterday — all of the money (minus my shipping and ebay cost) will go to charity — specifically, the Truman Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Futures program which provides mental health services to children and families.
I hope to get them all posted in the next few days. 🙂 […] I am setting them up for 7 day auctions so I can *hopefully* get them out for Christmas.
[…] I am sure users of the forum might be interested in such things, especially when the money goes to charity.

Her eBay store is here. Check it out!
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