Mar 152010

Our friends at Buzzy Multimedia are selling the three new Dresden audio books at a jaw-dropping discount! Preorder Blood Rites, Dead Beat, and Changes together for $93.97, a staggering $55.88 off the list price. That’s even cheaper than what Amazon is offering!
Support an awesome independent bookstore, save serious green, and delight your eardrums all at once. Preorder Buzzy Multimedia’s Dresden Files Audio Book Special #8!
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  12 Responses to “Preorder new Dresden audios from Buzzy Multimedia!”

  1. I did that last night. “Changes”, “Blood Rites” and ” Dead Beat”. Can’t wait to get them on my IPod.

  2. Will these books be available on iTunes?

  3. Are these going to be on Audible? All at the same time they are released elsewhere?

  4. I looked on audible today and it said all three are being released April 6

  5. Is it April 6 yet?

  6. I’ve downloaded the rest from Audible and am saving 3 credits for the new books.

  7. can’t wait for april 6…

  8. So i walked into chapters today (chapters being a major Canadian book retailer) and there sat Changes a full 6 days before release, needless to say i picked up a copy, and then informed the people working that it wasn’t supposed to be on sale.
    i can’t wait to read it 😀
    Don’t forget to be awesome

  9. I got Changes in the mail over a week ago, today is April 1. Don’t know how I got it delivered that long before the release date, BUT I’M NOT COMPLAINING!!! Best book in the series so far! WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE IN THE SERIES COMING OUT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  10. ps. Its so good that it took me just over a day to read it! I’ve read the entire series 3 times already, and am about to read it again so I’m prepared for book 13!!!

  11. I’m waiting for you Harry.

  12. obviously lies

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