Jun 212011

With a little over a month remaining until Ghost Story‘s release, it’s time for some sample chapters! Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 today.

In all, we’ll be posting five sample chapters, plus bonus audio of Jim reading the first four chapters at the NY Comic Con Fan Dinner! (NOTE: You should definitely read the text version before listening to Jim read! He was reading from an earlier draft, and some aspects have changed.) It will be posted on the following schedule:

June 28th: Chapter 3
July 5th: Chapter 4, plus the audio for 1 and 2.
July 12th: Chapter 5, plus the audio for 3 and 4.
July 26th: Release day!

You can pre-order Ghost Story from our store or through the Virtual Signing.

Also, don’t forget that the Virtual Signing for Codex Alera map posters ends on June 28th, just over a week away! If you want a map signed by Jim and Priscilla, the artist, get your pre-order in soon.

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