Late Breaking Update to Tyson’s Corner Signing Rules

We got our information about the Tyson’s Corner signing third-hand, and unfortunately the info suffered from a bit of a “game of telephone” effect. What we posted earlier was not accurate. Here’s a direct quote from Barnes & Noble as to the rules for the Tyson’s Corner, VA signing today:

All customers must have a receipt for Ghost Story from any Barnes & Noble or and they are welcome to have any of Jim’s other titles autographed.  As the guidelines have been communicated for almost two months now to many, many customers, our team will continue to relay the original message to callers (we are only a three days out from the event now), but we will most certainly take care any of those attendees who bring additional backlist. 

The main change here is that your receipt must be for Ghost Story from any B&N store (online or physical). You’re welcome to bring your back-list Jim Butcher titles (including the Dresden Files RPG — Fred Hicks will be there as well) to be signed alongside.