Nov 272012

Cold Days is here!

Grab a copy from your favorite local independent bookstore, the store, or–if you’re lucky enough to live in the Seattle, L.A., Chicago, or Kansas City areas–one of Jim’s signing tour stops! If you don’t, don’t forget about this list of bookstores receiving pre-signed copies of the book.

At 3pm EST, be sure to tune into Jim’s University Bookstore Livestream Event–live from Seattle! The Seattle signing event will take place later that evening, at 7pm at the University Temple United Methodist Church.

You can also check out the latest “Jim Butcher’s Prime Cuts” clip, in which Jim answers the question, “What Dresden Files character would you least like to run into in a dark alley?”

A Reminder: Please, be courteous to your fellow fans! When discussing the book on the forum, please observe the rules on spoilery content. This book packs quite a wallop, and we don’t want anyone getting spoiled by accident.

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