Aug 072012

We have three awesome events to announce today!

First, the paperback edition of Ghost Story hits stores today, including an exclusive two-chapter peek of Jim’s next Dresden novel, Cold Days! You can nab a copy from our store. Penguin still isn’t quite ready to announce a release date for Cold Days, but we’ll let you know as soon as there’s news to report.

Second, Jim will join Emma Bull, Diana Rowland, and host Pat Rothfuss on the first episode of the new Geek and Sundry show, The Story Board! Watch their live G+ Hangout at 8pm PST TONIGHT! That’s 11pm EST, 10pm Central, 9pm Mountain, and 4am GMT.

Third, issue #7 (of 8) of the Fool Moon graphic novel adaptation comes out on Wednesday. Find one near you at You can also check out a five-page preview at Comic Book Resources.

Discuss this news on Jim’s forum here.

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