Dresden Dice Announced & RPG debuts on Kindle and Nook

The folks over at Evil Hat Productions, publishers of the award-winning Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, are running a Kickstarter campaign to produce a line of “Fate Dice” (also known as Fudge Dice) for use with the Dresden Files RPG as well as other games using the Fate system. And just last night, they announced the addition of a Dresden Files themed Winter Knight dice set! We’re sharing an image of the four sets they’ve announced so far at the bottom of this post, and you can learn more at the project page.

But that’s not all that’s coming out from the guys at Evil Hat. They’ve just released the Kindle (.mobi) and Nook (.epub) friendly formats of the Dresden Files RPG as well, and at a low price too so you can get a copy that works on your tablet-of-choice. You can pick both volumes in ebook formats at their web-store, on DriveThruRPG, at Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble.

Good gaming, folks!

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