‘Ghoul Goblin’ Dresden Files Comic and Fate Core Kickstarter

Two quick bites of news from the Jim-Sphere today, folks!

First up: a new Dresden Files comic book series has started just this past week — Ghoul Goblin #1 is on sale now! Here’s the skinny:

“GHOUL GOBLIN is an original comic series set in the official Dresden Files continuity! Harry Dresden has survived the events of Fool Moon– barely– but all is not well in his world. He’s still alienated from his closest friend, Karrin Murphy, and on exceedingly poor terms with Chicago’s number one gangster, John Marcone. And that’s just the small stuff– the creatures of the Nevernever don’t take vacations and aren’t particularly worried about Harry’s friendships or love life.  DOWNLOAD GHOUL GOBLIN #1 NOW AT COMIXOLOGY OR GO TO YOUR LOCAL COMICS SHOP TODAY!”

And secondly, Evil Hat Productions, the publishers of the Dresden Files Role-Playing Game, are having a run-away blow-out success with their Kickstarter campaign for the next evolution of the Fate system. If you’re of a gamerish bent, check out the Fate Core kickstarter today — it ends on the 29th.