Jun 042013

Last night, we let you know about Pat Rothfuss and Albino Dragon’s Name of the Wind playing card deck Kickstarter, which featured Jim Butcher modeling as the villainous Ambrose Jakis as their $150K stretch goal. When we posted just before midnight PST, they had about $20K to go. Twelve hours later, they just passed $175! Jim had better practice his Blue Steel and study up on being really, really, really ridiculously good looking, because he’s going to be a model!

Also, we have another con appearance to announce. Fans in and around Baltimore can meet Jim at FaerieCon East, November 8th-10th.

Now in it’s sixth year, FaerieCon East remains the largest gathering of faerie artists and authors in the world. And this year, we are making a number of changes and and additions to make your FaerieCon experience even more fun, informative and inspiring. The FaerieCon universe continues to expand to embrace fantasy, steampunk, goth, metaphysics and many other genres who enjoy sharing their diverse interests and passions throughout the weekend.

Learn more about the event at FaerieCon.com.

You can see a full list of Jim’s 2013 convention appearances here. Well, full list minus one. We’re just waiting on the go-ahead for one more convention before posting about it.

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