Nov 102015


Patrick Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders fundraiser is ramping up!  This annual charity drive raises funds for Heifer International, which helps people raise themselves up out of poverty and starvation. It promotes education, sustainable agriculture, and local industry all over the world.  You can read about how it works here.

Among their current auctions are several covetable pieces from Badali Jewelry: Harry’s ruby pentacle amulet, Force Ring, and Winter Court earrings!  Badali Jewelry are also generously offering online purchasers $10 off shipping and donating 10% of sales to Worldbuilders with the code WBLD15.

Subterranean Press have donated twenty copies of their signed, numbered, illustrated, limited edition copies of Jim’s Working for Bigfoot to the Worldbuilders lottery.  Every $10 you donate gives you another chance to win this hilarious collection of three short stories in which Bigfoot is Harry’s client.  They’re also auctioning off a complete set of everything they published in 2015!  This includes Working for Bigfoot and their special edition printing of Dead Beat.

There’s LOADS of Jim-related awesomeness yet to be announced, so keep an eye on this newsletter and Pat’s blog!



The Aeronaut’s Windlass has made it into the Semifinal Round of the Goodreads Choice Awards!  Thanks to all who voted in the Opening Round.  Check out all the awesome nominees and cast your votes for round two!  This round runs until Sunday, November 15th.


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