Aug 212017

As you all know, we try to avoid posting more than once a week, but we thought you’d want to know this immediately! We have a general release date for Brief Cases, the second anthology of Dresden Files short stories: Summer 2018!

Brief Cases will include the following Dresdenverse stories:

  • “Curses” — Harry is hired to remove the Billy Goat Curse from Wrigley Field
  • “AAAA Wizardry” — Harry teaches young Wardens his procedure for dealing with supernatural nasties.
  • “Even Hand” — Marcone clashes with a rival supernatural power.
  • The Bigfoot Trilogy: “B is for Bigfoot,” “I Was A Teenage Bigfoot,” and “Bigfoot on Campus”
  • “Bombshells” — Molly teams up with Justine and Andi to thwart a Fomor plot.
  • “Jury Duty” — Harry endures Jury Duty.
  • “Cold Case” — Molly teams up with Ramirez to take on a Lovecraft-esque cult.
  • “Day One” — Butters’ first mission.
  • “A Fistful of Warlocks” — Luccio takes on necromancers in the Wild West.
  • Plus a new Dresden Files novella starring Maggie and Mouse!

We’ll let you know as soon as we have a more specific date to announce. Subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be among the first to know!

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