Aeronaut’s Windlass a Bestseller! Plus Status Update.

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Oct 212015

Great news!  The Aeronaut’s Windlass debuted at #5 on the New York Times Fiction Bestseller List and #7 on USA Today!  Congrats to Jim. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, snag one in Hardcover, Kindle, or Audio from our store!

Also, we’re thrilled to announce that Jim has agreed to a Virtual Signing for Priscilla Spencer’s Cinder Spires map posters!  A Virtual Signing is essentially a custom pre-order:  You place your order, indicating who you want the poster(s) personalized to (like “To Melissa”), then in early December, Jim and Priscilla will sign all the posters at once, and she’ll stick them in the mail.  Just in time for the December holidays!  All Virtual Signing orders must be placed by December 1st.  You can also purchase signed posters of the Codex Alera map, with no preorder necessary.

With the holidays coming up, here’s a list of what Jim’s been up to lately, and what we can expect looking forward.




  • (12/01/15) “Jury Duty” short story, Unbound anthology
  • (2/XX/16) Subterranean Press’ special edition of White Night
  • (est. 10/XX/16) “Cold Case” short story, Shadowed Souls anthology



  • (TBA) Dresden Files #16: Peace Talks
  • (TBA) Cinder Spires #2: The Olympian Affair
  • (TBA) Dresden Files #17: Mirror Mirror

Short Stories:

  • (TBA) “Day One” — Butters’ first day on his new job
  • (TBA) Brief Cases — Short story anthology


  • Jim is working on outlines for two original Dresden Files comics series. One will pit Harry against Puck, who will be depicted as a Joker-esque dark faerie: “Terrible. And fun.” In the other, Inari Raith and her friends from “Blood Rites” are threatened, and Lara hires Harry to fix the problem to preserve her grip on the White Court.


Jim has no more appearances in 2015.  He has a book to write!  As for 2016, only one event has been announced so far: Houston Comicpalooza (June 17-19).  [EDIT: Unfortunately, this event has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts.]  Of course, there will be many more to come!  Keep an eye on the forum’s Calendar Event Discussion section for further developments.

AMA Correction

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Sep 222015

Apologies for the spam! We try to avoid posting more than once per week, so the idea of posting three times in a 24-hour period is highly embarrassing.

The time for today’s Reddit AMA has changed. It will now take place from 2:30pm to 4:30pm Eastern! That’s 11:30am to 1:30pm Pacific and 6:30 to 8:30pm GMT. Yes, that’s right–it’s happening NOW! Go forth and upvote!

Addendum: AMA Tuesday!

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Sep 222015

We have just been informed that Jim will be doing a Reddit AMA at /r/books Tuesday, September 22nd, from 2:30pm to 4:30pm Eastern! That’s 11:30am to 1:30pm Pacific and 6:30 to 8:30pm GMT. Use this time zone converter to determine what time the AMA will begin in your area. Hope to see you there!

Pre-Release Roundup

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Sep 222015

Lots of news to catch up on!


This week, you can read chapter 4 of The Aeronaut’s Windlass, our last sample chapter before the book’s release next Tuesday, September 29th! Enjoy!

As a reminder, fans around the globe can pre-order a signed copy of The Aeronaut’s Windlass or any of Jim’s prior works through Dog Eared Books’ Virtual Signing! Also, publisher Ace/Roc is giving away eight copies of The Aeronaut’s Windlass to lucky fans. Enter here for a chance to win! U.S. residents only.


Tyler Walpole, cover artist for the Dresden Files RPG, has unveiled a stunning new illustration of Harry kicking supernatural evil ass! He’s selling limited edition, signed (by himself and Jim!), archival-quality prints through his website. Grab one before they’re gone!

Jim Butcher’s newest Subterranean Press limited edition, White Night, is now up for preorder. Like the volumes that preceded it, this deluxe edition includes illustrations by Vincent Chong.


Salt Lake City Comic Con

Thursday, September 24th:
2-3pm: Signing at WordFire Press (Booth 1701)
7-8pm: Shadow Mountain Signing (Booth 1401)

Friday, September 25th:
2-3:30 pm: Signing with Wordfire Press (Booth 1701)
3-3: 50 pm: Fantasy and Heavy Metal (Room 151G); Guests: Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, Peter Orullian—Moderator
5-5:50pm: Writing Fantasy: An inside look at the art of creating the fantastic (Room 250A); Guests: Terry Brooks, Jim Butcher, David Farland, Jessica Day George, James A. Owen, R.A. Salvatore, Shawn Speakman—Moderator

Saturday, September 26th:
12-12:50 pm: Jim Butcher Spotlight Panel (Room 250A)
2-3:30 pm: Signing at Badali Jewelry (Booth number: 1023 — Free ticket required, available at booth #1023)
4-4:50 pm: Urban Fantasy (Room 355); Guests: Terry Brooks, Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, Kevin Hearne, J.R. Johansson, Shawn Speakman—Moderator
6-7 pm: Signing at WordFire Press (Booth 1701)

Signing Tour

September 29, 7:00 PM CT
Rainy Day Books
Unity Temple
707 W. 47th St.
Kansas City, MO 64112
Further Details

September 30, 7:00 PM ET
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503
Further Details

October 1, 7:00 PM CT
Barnes & Noble
55 Old Orchard Center
Skokie, IL 60077
Further Details

October 2, 7:00 PM PT
140 Kentucky Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
Further Details

October 3, 7:00 PM PT
University Bookstore
University Temple United Methodist Church
1415 NE 43rd St.
Seattle, WA 98105
Further Details

October 4, 4:30 PM CT
Murder By the Book
2342 Bissonnet St.
Houston, TX 77005
Further Details

October 5, 6:00 PM PT
Mysterious Galaxy
5943 Balboa St.
Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92111
Further Details

October 6, 7:00 PM MT
Barnes & Noble
960 S. Colorado Blvd.
Glendale, CO 80246
Further Details


Thank you so much for your outpouring of well-wishes and sympathy after the passing of Jim’s ferocious Bichon Frisé guard dog, Frost. We’re so grateful for your continued support of Missouri Pit Bull Rescue, Jim’s favorite charity! With your help, they’ll be able to do a lot of good for these misunderstood dogs and the families who love them.

Sad News

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Sep 152015

We set up this news post to announce that another chapter of The Aeronaut’s Windlass had gone live on Jim’s site, but something much more important has happened that demands this week’s spotlight. We are heartbroken to announce that Jim’s faithful and beloved dog, Frost, passed away today after a long battle with cancer.


Frost, short for “Frostbite Doomreaver McBane Butcher,” had a heroic streak worthy of a dog many times his size. Jim has often claimed Mouse is based on “what Frost thinks he is,” and this doggy assessment is totally justified. You may have heard Jim recount the tale of how Frost defended Jim’s son from a bear, or how he fought off a coyote. We hope the afterlife has sufficient bacon.

We encourage folks to make donations to Missouri Pitbull Rescue in Frost’s honor.