4 thoughts on “Academ’s Fury – Cover Art”

  1. Now all I need is to wait for the sample chapters.

    I wish I was better at this patience thing.

  2. OMG I just finished “Furies of Calderon”. I jsut couldn’t put it down. Now to hear Jim has yet another in the works…… I’m soo thrillled. WHA WHOOOOOO….
    My husband has been taking note of how much I’ve recently been reading and has also taken a liking to Jim’s work.
    Jim you soo ROCK! Keep it up dude. And thanks for the many hours of reading pleasure you’ve given me. 🙂
    Forever your fan

  3. I finished “Furies of Calderon” earlier this week. Very cool stuff!
    After readhing the last chapters, it only confirmed that we have not even broken the surface of this new world and it’s characters.
    I can’t wait until the second book is out!

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