Dead Beat – Sample Chapters

Dead Beat, the seventh book of the Dresden Files due out in hardcover in May, now has some sample chapters up for you to read. Buckle your seatbelts, folks — this one’s a doozy.

16 thoughts on “Dead Beat – Sample Chapters”

  1. When is this book coming out? Whenever it is, it is not soon enough. I am hooked again.

  2. AAAAAARRRGHHHH!!!!!!! It doesn’t come out until MAY!!! When can we pre-order? Oh, and the statement “this one’s a doozey” is one helluv an understatement!

  3. I’m Dead Beat 🙁
    How will I survive until May waiting for Dead Beat and August until the 2cd book of the Alera Codex comes out 🙁
    And I’ve finished T. Pratchetts newest book too 🙁
    I’m done, as good as dead, I’ll never survive the wait for more 🙁
    Dear Santa Butcher, could you give us a little online Christmas Dresden Story to help us with the wait?
    Sincerely yours
    Magicflute (aka mad fan from Paris who’s reading the Dreseden files even in the bathtub…not mentionning diverse chocolate and grease spots or slobbered on pages by visiting dogs…)

  4. Geez, I why did I read this…I knew I’d be hooked again. Now I’m going to have to reread all 6 books just to hold me over until May

  5. I don’t want Harry and Murphy to get together! Yuck. I don’t really like her character. She is such a self important bitch.

  6. After reading these first couple of chap. I can’t wait for Deadbeat. I’m not sure how I feel about Harry and Murphy together. I just thought that Susan and Harry would someday get back together. I can dream I guess. Maybe a woman will come along that will knock Harry right off his feet,and she will a wizard to.

  7. Jim, you ROCK.
    As always, BRILLIANT. I can’t wait! I’ll be preordering, of course — and one of these days, I really do have to figure out where you’ll be so I can get my entire JB collection signed.
    Proud to know you, and converting everyone I know to the Jim Butcher Fan Club,
    — Rachel

  8. If I had to choose one word to describe your books, it would be: brilliant! I am SO excited about Dead Beat! I don’t think I’m going to be able to wait until May for the next one. They are just to darn good! I hope you also write a couple more of those short stories. They’re pretty interesting…

  9. I’m very happy that the story will focus more on Murphy, I really like the relationships Harry and her have and would love to see their friendship develop into more (as the last book hinted at)!
    Murphy has developped into a very complex and interesting character (more likeable than the amazon of the first books!)
    Can’t wait for Dead Beat!

  10. Will there be a blurb on “Dead Beat” or the back cover? – pretty please…
    PS Why can’t Thomas be a stripper (perfect job for him)?

  11. OK, so the next one comes out in hard cover, so when to the first get republished? I’m going to have a missmatched set.

  12. WOW! Once again I am spellbound! A very good friend of mine turned me on to this series, and in a matter of six weeks I read all six previous books, and anxiously awaited “Dead Beat”. Now months later I finally read these chapters, and I think I might go a little nuts waiting for May. Jim, thank you for a singularly spectacular cast of characters, and truly amazing stories. As a voracious reader, I apreciate it!

  13. Can’t…hold…on! Must…have…Dead Beat…NOW! ARRRGGGHH!
    Juicy good stuff, Jim! Once again our poor Harry is caught between a rock and a hard place – and it sounds like he’s pretty alone with this one. Thank heavens for Mouse (whom I adore, BTW). Thomas would make a bleeding (no pun intended) fortune as a male model. Dead Beat looks like a super start to another best-selling winner! But…MAY???!!! ::Heartfelt groan:: Guess I’ll have to read the first six again to get me through until then.

  14. Whoa, Diane, what a great idea! Why doesn’t poor and yummy Thomas use his looks? The bonding with the water and the line, “That’s how it feels” really choked me up. Jim is maturing the characters so beautifully. What a writer!
    I can’t wait to see what happens with Mouse. He is so special!

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