Dec 032004

All right James Marsters fans — there are some audio samples from James’ reading on the third Dresden Files book, Grave Peril, now available from the fine folks at Buzzy Multimedia.
Go to the Grave Peril Audio preorder page, and scroll down until you see the related files section near the bottom!

 Posted by on 2004/12/03 at 6:32 pm

  3 Responses to “Audio Samples for Grave Peril Available”

  1. On my MUST HAVE list!

  2. James Marsters as Harry…how perfect!

  3. I am a huge book on tape fan… and over the years I have learned, the narrator of the book makes all the difference. A good reader can make a so-so book, good, and a bad reader, can make an excellent book BAD!
    I’m halfway through the reading of Storm Front, and all I can say is WOW!!! The story is great… and James Marsters as the narrator is fantastic!!! It is a perfect match, narrator and book. I hope you will use Mr. Marsters through the entire series!! I am looking forward to listening to the rest of your books.

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