Dead Beat available for preorder online…

As you may have learned from reading the news items at our website, Dead Beat, book seven of the Dresden Files, has had its release date bumped up to May of next year — plus, it’ll be in hardcover.
We’ve now learned it’s already available for preordering online!
You can preorder through a local independent bookseller by way of BookSense.Com (Link), or if Amazon’s your thing, order there (Link).
Happy (pre)ordering!

9 thoughts on “Dead Beat available for preorder online…”

  1. It’s going to come out as paperback as well though, isn’t it? When would that be?
    Also, will the earlier books be re-released as hardcover in the future?

  2. Outstanding! I love the Dreseden books and the sooner I can the read the next one, the better. I just finished Furies of Calderon and it just really made me miss Harry. I loved the action in the Alera book but boy did I miss the humor. One of my favorite lines in the book was when Tavi said to his uncle, “He followed me home! Can we keep him?” The imagery was great and it made me chuckle. I hope the next book has a little more giggles in it. One of the reasons I like the Dresden files so much is that I find myself smiling a lot at Harry or his situation.

  3. I have loved the dresden novels from the begining. I find myself waiting for the next one to come out as soon as i have finished the latest and luckly the next book usually comes out a year after the first. The thought of not having to wait a year is great and i hope Jim keeps on pumping out hits. Oh and does anyone know why he didnt chose to include the fallen angels in Dead Beat?

  4. Can’t wait for Deadbeat to come out. I love your books Jim, Harry is such a cool guy and so are the other characters. I’ve become quite fond of a few of them. Will their be more books after Deadbeat? I hope so because I want the whole series. I have all of them so far and re-read them all three times. KEEP WRITING JIM, you have a lot of fans.

  5. Humor is one of the reasons I love this series. I can see a lot of myself in Harry’s character. A smartass with a heart…how can you not love that?

  6. In truth the aspect of magic in a modern day world and how it is accepted by mankind is the most intriguing aspect of the series to me. Of course the personal drama and the jokes do make one aware of the human element of the story. It is written in such a way that one actually can pick up the Chicago phone book and believe that they can look up a wizard as a PI. Very well done. I wish to read more.

  7. Ah, great to see another Dresden book coming out but I’ll have to wait for the paperback version – hardbacks are too expensive for my budget.
    Any idea when the paperback’ll hit the stores?

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