Furies of Calderon ships!

The official ship date of Furies of Calderon was October 5th. Fans have reported finding the book in stores, getting shipment notices from Amazon and other booksellers, and so on. The new series from Jim Butcher is out there — go get it!

2 thoughts on “Furies of Calderon ships!”

  1. just finished the first claderon novel and i was greatly impressed. the story kept me reading until i absolutely had to do something else. it surprised me when i checked the barnes and nobles shelf to see if maybe there was another dresden book, which i enjoy tremendously, and saw this fantasy hard cover. i read the blurb and liked the premise so i purchased it and it was great! hurry with the next installment, im anxious to find out what happens next.

  2. regarding harry dresden; why does he always have to be broke? maybe his skull can give him the lottery numbers or something. give harry some $$$. im sure harry by now is getting a bad case of blue balls, so let harry have a little action sometime. i know his long-lost is far away, but c’mon he’s a guy he needs his relief.

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