55 thoughts on “Blog Quiz: Which Dresden Files Character are You?”

  1. I dunno bout this one, Picked on the side of light and got Marva(can we say evil b**ch incarnate?, I knew we could)…. The artwork kicks though!!

  2. Hey I always knew i was Cut out to be a werewolf, I’m one o fthe Pack :D. Some of my favoirite character came from the Alphas lol.

  3. I got Thomas, which is pretty interesting. Everyone says i’m good looking and have a great smile, but like it says, thats just where i want them :). Also the fact that i thrive on happy positive energy from people too. White Court? Who knows.

  4. Very interesting. I got Michael…does that say anything about my Catholic school up bringing?

  5. Yahoo! I got Dresden. S’cuse me, I got some Vampires to whoop down on.

  6. “Very interesting. I got Michael…does that say anything about my Catholic school up bringing?”
    Yeah prob. I wish he would show this char again. Untill then, is it just me or has everyone forgotten that this was going to be a kick ars tv show. It saddens me to see it lost. I wish we would get some sign from Mr.Butcher.
    Keep on writtin,

  7. Well I got Susan, at least my persona has a nice rack. I knew I shouldn’t have let my Mom dress me in pleated skirts when I was a little boy

  8. I got Marcone… weirdly. I don’t consider myself cruel and calculating, or able to throw knives faster than a lycanthrope can throw a tire iron.

  9. I am Harry Dresden, at least that was who the quiz said I am. I’m a girl. A really cool quiz though. Hey, I’m glad they didn’t say I was evil, that would have been bad.

  10. I am Harry according to the quiz. Close enough I guess. However I don’t hold back. If it pisses me off I blast it good, bad, or ugly.

  11. Took the Quiz and I’m happy to say that I’m Susan. I hope that she’s in future books with Harry and the Gang.

  12. Hmmm, I am Harry, but if I change one ambivalent answer to ‘yes’ I am Michael.
    The Auld Grump, one of the good guys anyway…

  13. I’m Karrin Murphy … kind of figured that’s who I would end up being.

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