Jim-Butcher.Com impending downtime this evening

We’re in the process of cutting our nameservice over to using goDaddy.com. In general we’re pretty happy with their service, and we wanted to get our DNS off of a host that we are less sure’s going to be around for the long haul — but in switching DNS over to goDaddy, you can’t edit the names until you’ve switched, and once you switch, it takes several hours before you can start editing the names to point where they’re supposed to point.
At any rate, the upshot of this is that jim-butcher.com’s going to drop off the net for a couple hours at some point this evening. We’ll have it back ASAP. Thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Jim-Butcher.Com impending downtime this evening”

  1. Well I’ve been through all the Dresden novels looking for something to fill this new void, and I stumbled across an author, Simon Green. He writes a series of the “Nightside” which while very entertaining, is suspiciously similar to the Dresden Files. Any comments? -Adam

  2. I have to disagree. The nightside series by Green and the Dresden files are similiar only in that they involve magic and strange creatures. The setting, powers of the character, and general “edge of the bizarre” feeling is nothing like the “realistic” alternative reality of the dresden files.

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