Jim reports on Whedonverse and ComicCon

From the man himself:
A really nice little convention, though very nonstandard as compared to most SF cons. This was almost purely one long, structured mixer, where attendees got to bump elbows with various SF personalities–lots of photo ops, autographings, presentations by attendees, a banquet where you got to sign up with who you wanted most to sit with, etc. They had a little dealer’s room dealing primarily Buffy/Angel paraphenalia. (Is that spelled right? It seemed so much more authorly than “stuff”.) I bought lots of cool T-shirts. 🙂
The charity auction raised a bunch of money for St. Jude’s and the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I realized when it was 2 minutes from over that I had completely forgotten to bring anything to donate for the auction, so I borrowed a page from David Weber and offered up a GRUESOME DEATH. The winner of the auction gets written into the next Dresden book I write (book 9), and DIES HORRIBLY! And they can even help choose how HORRIBLY THEY DIE! And it raised 3100 bucks for charity. Congratulations, Anna! (Pronounced ah-nah!) I look forward to GRUESOMELY MURDERING you.
The thing that most sticks in my mind is my photo shoot with James Marsters. Several folks wanted shots of me and him with them, so I got to walk up to where there was this photographer and all these huge lights and a line of people out the door. (I’ll paraphrase a bit of how it went, cause I’m a storyteller and that’s what I do.)
Photog: Jim, great. How do you want to do this?
Me: (blank look) Um. This is kind of a first for me. How about you just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.
James: (grins from where he sits on a stool) You just went ninety percent of the way to being an actor.
The photographer gives instructions and fusses with stuff while me and James get in a few words that amount to “hey, how you doing, man.” James remembers Shannon and says he’s bad with names, though he recognizes her. She says, all wry, “Here? I’m Jim’s wife.” Marsters laughs and says, “But what’s your /name/?”
Which made me think very well of him. 🙂
The first fan comes up and everyone smiles and says “hi.”
Fan: (mutters something under her breath about a Jim sandwich)
Photog: James, how do you want to do this?
James: (blinking a little at the fan) *Oh*, right. (to me) We’re the
Me: (bite my tongue)
James: (gets off the stool and sets it aside) I’ll just stand for these. (to me, sotto voce) But the first time someone grabs my ass, it’s going right back on the stool. Some days I get sore, man.
Me: (straight face) Life is unfair.
Many pictures got taken. Many other things happened, including me reading from Proven Guilty and lots and lots of sitting and chatting with fans and walking up to famous SF actors and introducing myself just like they were regular people. 🙂 They’re kind of a blur right now. I’m still recovering from where we went 36 hours after returning home from THIS con . . .
Comic-con is big.
It’s really, really big. They have just about everything that might possibly be vaguely related to SF/F fandom, and they have it in great big honking displays to showcase new products, etc. You can literally walk through a mile of various stalls, booths, displays and showcases.
I was on a couple of panels–one on writing fight scenes in fantasy, and one on monsters and horror in SF/F. Robert Jordan was on my first panel. People in the audience were dressed up as Aiel warriors and everything. I didn’t overly intrude on the discussion, though it was indeed interesting for all involved.
Amber Benson was on my second panel, and she remembered me from the week before and was very sweet. She also remembered Shannon and waved and smiled at her, which makes me tend to think positive about her. There’s nothing you can do to get me to like you any faster than being nice to my girl.
Anyway, I signed autographs, gave away the very last of the Dresden keychains from lo these many years ago, and met a whole bunch of really nice people who flattered me a lot. Shannon suspects that my general fuzziness of thought is due to swelling in my head, but assures me that she will take steps.
Oh, one more thing:
I still haven’t heard anything. I’m just the writer. 🙂
That’s about it. I’m going to go hermit up for a while. Maybe blow up some virtual bad guys. Watch Empire. I’ll write more if it turns out that I forgot to tell you guys something cool. 🙂

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  1. Hi Jim!
    My daughter and I met you (twice) at Comic-Con. My little 6 year old may not quite be ready for Harry, but she enjoyed meeting his creator (you’ll have to forgive her shyness the first time, she though she was meeting the creator of Harry Potter, but was equally impressed with the results). Took a couple of pictures, had you sign a few books, and was quite impressed.
    Looking forward to reading more Dresden novels in the future, and I plan to give your fantasy a try shortly!
    Again, it was great to meet you.

  2. Yay for ESB, and blowing up virtual bad guys. It is, of course, a quitesential art form. Sounds like Comic Con was a blast, and I’m now going to have to drag myself out of a cave and catch a con your actually at. Any around the MPLS area anywhere in the foreseeable future?
    I’m pondering saying something on RJ, but decided I won’t. Lets just say I think he forgot where WoT is going.
    Anyhow, love the Dresden FILES (Whats with calling it chronicles now? I liked files :)) Books just keep getting better as they go, which I have to say, is insanely impressive. I bow to your incredible writing skill and ability.
    Now I have a feeling I’m going to feel very very foolish and dumb here in about 20 seconds, but what exactly is Proven Guilty?
    Next book? Or am I missing some seriously important piece of information.
    Oh yah. And a year? even roughly? Too long to wait. But I will… anyway.
    *mutters a few lines of broken latin, rips a hole in reality and escapes into the Never Never*

  3. The bit between you and James just made me laugh and laugh. I think I woke my roommate up. I wish I could have made it to ComiCon this year, but work and other real life things were more significant.
    You’re truly one of my favorite writers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the Dresden Files. I’m waiting to start on Codex Alera until I’ve read Dead Beat, but I’ve read and read the others.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world. 🙂

  4. Hi– love your commentary on both events! I met you at Comic-Con, and it was really one of the highlights for me. You’re one of my absolute favorite authors– I love the Dresden Files and I loved Furies of Calderon. Looking forward to reading Academ’s Fury very soon, as well!
    Thank you for being at Con, and being so incredibly nice! And thank you for all your books. 😀

  5. HI again!
    I thought I’d post the link to my Comic-Con pictures. There are 3 or 4 of them hin there of Jim.

  6. It’s 4 O’clock in the morning on July 27 and I was just checking your home website to find out what you are up to..You know the old ad “It’s_____ O’clock. Do you know where your children are? Seriously though…I’m your #l Fan, next to your #l girl and your son.

  7. Yah… I am pretty sure he just let us know that Proven Guilty is at least the working title of his next novel. We know Dresden number 8 has at least completed its first draft. It is logical to assume that Proven Guilty is Dresden 8. I would expect to see it in early 2006, I think. Not sure how long the editing process takes. (In time for Christmas would also be perfectly acceptable 😉 )

  8. My wife and Jim share so the same agent so I made her introduce me at ComicCon. Was great meeting Jim and gettign my Dresden Files books signed 🙂

  9. Jim you should be honoured, becuase I read Furies of Cauldron, and am now reading Academ’s Fury *before* reading the new Harry Potter book and i’m a huge Potter fan.
    Of course once i’m finished Academ’s Fury, i’ve got to wait for the next book, in either series, man my nails are gonna look bad (from the biting,)
    Anyways Jim i couldn’t make it to either Con, and i’m here to ask you on behalf of your eastern fans, come out east, do something in New York city (or Buffalo since i live here, hehe and i have expanded your fanbase here a bit by lending a few friends ‘Stormfront’)
    Anyways Jim thanx for the great books, can’t wait for the next one’s
    by the way i don’t what your tastes’ are but if you want to watch something really interesting and fun pick up the Firefly DVD set (assuming Joss didn’t give you one at the Con)

  10. Sounds cool Wish I could have made it to Comic Con, but Could not afford it, and only lives 70 miles away from San Diego. A friend went a day late I asked her to get me a autograph from you but,, oh well. Anyways Hey Jim out of Curiosity, I heard a Rumor, that Proven Guilty was Book 8 of the Dresden Files ws wondering How true that might be, anyway you can tell?

  11. Hello Mr. Butcher,
    First of all I woluld like to thank you for such a fun and entertaing series of books(The Dresden Files). Your novels have re-invented the fun in ‘alternative detective’ type series. I think the’re much better than Hamilton’s series of ‘sex with no story’. I can’t believe that I missed your appearance at the San Diego Con, having spent most ot the Con reading your book (3 in one for the S.F Book Club, Wizard For Hire) an telling my friends how much I enjoyed them. Please come back next year so I can shake your hand and thank you in person.
    -Darryl G.

  12. Hey, I love your books! I was wondering if you were interested in doing a con in New Orleans, or near New Orleans. After the city is Rebuilt of course. I’d love to meet you and get to shake your hand.
    Think about it,

  13. Poop…you were at ComicCon and I turned down a chance to go? I will more carefully review the agenda next year before making “are you serious?!” faces at my friend who invited me this year. 😀

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