55 thoughts on “Blog Quiz: Which Dresden Files Character are You?”

  1. Bob…definatly bob, hopelessly addicted to romance novels and soft-cell porn, stuck on a shelf….yeah…Bob.

  2. Interesting how changing the answer to one question switched me from Michael Carpenter to Gentleman Johnny Marcone.

  3. I’m Karrin Murphy! Yep, that’s me! Stubborn as an ox! Yay me!!!
    But i also feel for Harry too. He’s sooo cool! And Thomas Raith is HOT!!!!!

  4. I got Michael which wasn’t really a big surprize for me. I figured with key questions about faith and light which character I would fall under

  5. I’m Harry himself! I think the only real difference between him and me, besides the fact that he’s a man & I’m a woman, is that he’s like, 6 and a half feet tall, and I’m only five foot one!! :oP

  6. This is probably a stupid question, but what’s the site address for the quiz? My brother would know, but I don’t feel like asking him. Thanks.

  7. That question wasn’t stupid, I was. *groans* oh well. I just saw the “take the quiz!” link.

  8. I got MR. Marcone. I like the guy but i definitely woud like some bad ass powers of my own.

  9. Woot! Quiz placed me as wizard extraordinaire, Harry Dresden. Not surprising, though. Our personalities are in some ways so similar that I think it is one of the reasons that the Dresden Files is my favorite series to date. *Sigh… like Harry, my humor often goes unappreciated… 🙂

  10. hey, I can’t find the quiz, the take the quiz button isn’t working apparently. pls help?

  11. It went away between 2005 when this was originally posted, and now, I’m afraid.

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