Dead Beat — Available Now!

Dead Beat, the first hardcover novel of the Dresden Files, is now in stores! The book follows Harry as he squares off against a bevvy of infighting necromancers in a race against time to acquire the Word of Kemmler. The catch? First, he has to figure out what the Word of Kemmler is
Upgrading to hardcover is a major step for the Dresden Files, but it’s only going to be good for Jim if the fans back it up. Order your copy of Dead Beat today!
(Rumor has it that the softcover versions of the newly hardcover series will come out about a year after the hardcovers for those of you committed to the less durable variety — but believe us, Dead Beat is something you don’t want to wait to read!)
Dead Beat (Hardcover)
Book Seven of the Dresden Files
Read about the book, and get the first three chapters, here
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22 thoughts on “Dead Beat — Available Now!”

  1. Next book’s not due out for a year — the Dresden Files books are set to come out pretty regularly on a once-a-year schedule, as far as we know from the publisher.

  2. Just want to say I love the series! saw the hard cover of “Dead Beat” at Waldenbooks and the cover looked sooooo cool that I picked up “stormfront” in paperback(sorry dude im a paperback purist) Well needless to say ive picked up and read the whole series, although I read deadbeat thanks to my library…cant wait for the paperback .

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