May 042005

Dead Beat, the first hardcover novel of the Dresden Files, is now in stores! The book follows Harry as he squares off against a bevvy of infighting necromancers in a race against time to acquire the Word of Kemmler. The catch? First, he has to figure out what the Word of Kemmler is
Upgrading to hardcover is a major step for the Dresden Files, but it’s only going to be good for Jim if the fans back it up. Order your copy of Dead Beat today!
(Rumor has it that the softcover versions of the newly hardcover series will come out about a year after the hardcovers for those of you committed to the less durable variety — but believe us, Dead Beat is something you don’t want to wait to read!)
Dead Beat (Hardcover)
Book Seven of the Dresden Files
Read about the book, and get the first three chapters, here
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  22 Responses to “Dead Beat — Available Now!”

  1. Awesome!! I will be running out to get my copy. I love that it’s hardcover. Keep up the great work!!
    Faithfully yours,

  2. Read it already last night after getting back from seeing Hitchhikers. I would say it is one of the strongest Dresden books Mr. Butcher has written so far. The new (possibly regular?) characters are very well written and the plot is good and tense. Of course I might just be delerious from lack of sleep.

  3. Amazing, Mr. Butcher, simply amazing. Of course it probably helps that I’ve found all of them amazing, but this was the best one yet. I think I’ll read it again. Tonight…

  4. As with all the books, there are things I loved, things I liked, and things I liked – well, not so much. But still the Dresden Files continue to be a series that draws me in, and I never want to put it down. Which makes things like sleep and work, very hard to do with a book glued to your hands! 🙂 Thanks for another great one Mr. Butcher!

  5. You know, its really weird, I got it on the 30th at Borders. I thought it was the best one in the series, and I really reccomend that nobody waits for softcover. You are going to be rereading this, so youll want the extra durability.

  6. I had a friend of mine from AZ overnight me a copy because they wouldn’t get here til the 5th, and they’d had them since last week. It was worth it, by gods it was.
    Now… when are Storm Front etc re-releasing in HC?
    Cause while the book rocks… it looks odd jammed in with my softcover fantasy….

  7. Ok this is seriously unfair!
    I have just been lured into the world of Harry Dresden by a friend.
    How the HELL am I supposed to work on peoples taxes when I am being tempted this way!
    Curses I tells ya, Curses!

  8. WOOHOO!! I’m going to the store this afternoon and see if I can find it. Probably won’t happen since I live in a smaller town, but I’m gonna try. A large city is only an hour up the road, so I may have to do that instead!

  9. I just picked up my copy last night on my way home from work and wandered around the house for an hour gently holding the book and calling it my precious.
    Now I just have to say goodbye to my wife for a day while I dissapear and read this in one big gulp.

  10. When your books are released, i think that it would be in everyone’s best interest, if they made that day a North American holiday. Just picked up the latest book. Can hardly wait to start reading it. Thanks for delivering excellent reading material everytime.

  11. I just got mine in, and I can’t wait to start it! The new cover art looks fantastic, by the way. I am a bit curious as to why the staff appears to have “Matrix” written in Japanese Katakana on it. Is that something that will be explained in the book? Is it there just to give the appearance of arcane symbols? Is it a joking reference to the fact that they used backwards Katakana in the Matrix movies to be the computer code on the screens?

  12. I also really loved this book even though I didn’t have the concentration to “read it” read it and I just skimmed it. I had finals….. *cries*. But still, I loved the book and I really like the insight into Harry’s life with his brother and Mouse (LOVES Mouse… and Thomas, too…).

  13. Haven’t we suffered enough? Just read the book and loved it but now the long painfull wait for the next!!!!

  14. I loved it. I hardly know where to start with the effusive praise. It was such fun to read, and I loved the cameos by so many of the characters. Though my absolute favorite was Sue. It was like a childhood dream come true. What can I say, but dinosaurs have always been my favorite.
    Best of luck in future.

  15. I walked to the bookstore on my lunch break in the pouring rain to get Dead Beat. The people I work with thought I was a little crazy. I read the book straight through. Sometime around 2 am my husband got out of bed and came to the living room to ask what I was doing. “Um, coming to bed, really.”
    I’ll probably read though at a more leisurly pace sometime, catch all the things I’m sure I missed before. Dead Beat was wonderful! Now I have to find a way to keep myself occupied for the next year of waiting. 🙂

  16. I ordered my copy month and month ago, but I onlyI got it a week after the release date – stupid Swiss mail! My Death Curse on you!!! Loved Dead Beat, just like all the other books in the series. And now the waiting for the next installment begins. Again. 🙁
    The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the title of the book “Die Lied der Erlking” is actually grammatically wrong, since it should be “Das Lied des Erlking”, or even “Das Lied des Erlk

  17. WOW! I totally LOVED the book. Butters was way cool…along with Sue!! Oh and HA! This outta be interesting with Morgan more in the picture. Seriously that guy needs to quit jumping to the wrong conclusions about Harry! The next book is going to be really interesting to read!!

  18. Hardback?
    Crap, I *hate* hardbacks: they take up way too much room, they don’t travel well, and they cost more, be they ever so much more long-lived.
    Sure, sure, hardbacks have a higher profit margin than paperbacks, but damn. Next time, how ’bout a high-quality trade paperback, at least?
    Guess I’ll be getting a library card to read this one.

  19. Hi, Just finished Dead Beat and i loved it. The only thing i can’t stand is that it only takes me three to four days to finish the book, now i have to wait a looooong time for the next one. Hard cover is good, so is the story line. BTW, i’ll be reading the whole series again before the next book comes out. That way i won’t forget what happens to harry and the rest.
    waiting faithfully

  20. I read the book in about 3 days and loved it. Go mouse! Who knew a dog could kick so much ass? The opening made me giggle all silly like. I’ve always admired and loved Harry’s smart ass comments and with Thomas added into the blend it makes everything more fun. Now to repeat the question, how long until the next one!?

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