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Harry Dresden has spent years being watched and suspected by the White Council’s Wardens. But now he is a Warden, and it sucks more than he thought… So when movie monsters start coming to life on his watch, it’s officially up to him to put them back where they came from. Only this time, his client is the White Council, and his investigation cannot fail — no matter who falls under suspicion, no matter the cost.
Proven Guilty, the eighth book in the Dresden Files, will be released in hardcover from Roc publishing in May 2006.
But in time for Halloween (Harry’s birthday!), we’ve got sample chapters for you! Starting today, and continuing for the next 3 Tuesdays (through November 8th), you’ll get a new preview chapter from the upcoming book.
Trick or treat? It’s all treat!

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  22 Responses to “Dresden 8 Chapter Preview Starts Today!”

  1. all is right with the world again…

  2. Gods, how I love this series!!!
    Reading this makes my heart glad!

  3. No trick? But this is Jim writing with Harry…where’s the fun if there’s no trick?

  4. woo hoo! More Dresden! But…wow. Poor Harry!

  5. My God, that has *gotta* suck for Harry.

  6. another dresden book – does life get any better? poor harry – but I LOVE reading about him and his trials!!!!

  7. Huzzah! Not just one preview chapter but three more on top of it!! Most awesome! Not only are the Dresden books fun to read (and easy to get your friends and coworkers hooked on), but a new one comes out every year!!!

  8. Jim, why must you tease us like this?! Now I can’t wait until May 2006 and that’s a long time away!

  9. Awesome Beginning for a intersting sounding book. Wonders in curiosity what movies monsters Ole jim’s pulling for the book. Poor Harry but hes has had to make these decisions before like the Unraveling spell.
    Thanks Jim for a Great Series, A start like Proven Guilty is what makes reading the set of the D-files even better the second time around.

  10. I’d say I’m going to have trouble waiting till May to get the next book. But honestly I’ll have trouble waiting till next Tuesday to read the next chapter. Pondering months in the future would be far to painful.

  11. What’s with the underlines?
    Looks like 8 is going to be another cracker!

  12. Alas, thanks for reassuring us that Harry isn’t the one on trial in “Proven Guilty.” That would have been to much for my poor heart to take.
    I was so excited on Tuesday to read a preview chapter! I had heard that you read two chapters from “Proven Guilty” at one of those conventions and let me say I was so jealous! So I am all a quiver about the following three chapters! P.S. Please don’t make us wait 6 mo. for the rest of the book!

  13. I like to see Ebenezaar sticking up for Harry. It’s ironic he’s showing compassion, ’cause of all in the room, he’s the one licensed to kill and take over human minds.
    Poor Harry. Maybe he’ll take it on himself to spread word for young paractioners what the laws are.
    Can I wait six hours for the next chapter? (Never mind nine months)

  14. Man, do we have to wait till May?
    This is gonna be wonderful!

  15. wouldnt it be funny if morgan were on trial.. mwa ha ha stupid jerk that he is. JIM WHY DID YOU MAKE IT NEXT OCTOBER ugh im moving back to portland in september. this is just mean. (is a poor student and no money for a plane ticket to get back here in october) sigh….

  16. Happy Birthday Harry !!!
    May you have a long and eventfull literary life.
    Best Greetings from Germany

  17. Jim, Thanks for putting the chapters up for us to read. My wife wont be happy though. She picked up the books (I finished them in about two weeks) and now all her spare time is spent reading about Harry and company.
    She is on book 5 and when she finds out your adding MORE chapters for her to read online, taking up even more time (she feels as though under a spell, unable to stop)she will be fit to be tied.

  18. I can not wait! Thank you for writing a great set of books. Let you’re name not be writ in water, and you’re work survive you.

  19. First off– I’m loving the sample chapters!!! May seems much too far away…
    I think I might have found an inconsistency (No offense to the great and wonderful Mr. Butcher, of course.)
    Spoiler space for those who haven’t read Dead Beat yet:
    In Dead Beat, page 336:
    “I stepped around the corner of the building with my .44 in my hand, aimed it at the back of Luccio’s head, drew back the hammer, and shouted, my voice harsh and hard, “Corpsetaker!”
    Luccio’s steps faltered. Her head snapped around to look at me, and in her eyes I saw a brutal cruelty that could never have belonged to the captain of the Wardens.
    I felt the first tug of a soulgaze, but I made my decision… She opened her mouth, and I saw the Corpsetaker’s madness twist Luccio’s eyes, felt the sudden, dark tension as she began to gather power… The bullet from my .44 hit her just over her right cheekbone… it was the Corpsetaker’s expression of shock and suprise as the stolen body fell…”
    This pretty much contradicts Morgan’s accusation that Harry shot Luccio in the back of the head. Though I wonder if maybe there’s a reason for the inconsistency later in the book.
    I am NOT doing this to knock Jim Butcher’s work!!! I adore it, I recommend it to anyone who reads fantasy, and I eagerly await the next book (though I’m a bit concerned about the Sci-Fi channel movie– I hope they get it right.) I just felt it might be helpful to point this out now, before it gets published and some of the poison pen reviewers got ahold of it. (I still remember the awful Fangoria review for Dead Beat… I’m not sure what book the reviewer was actually reading instead.)

  20. Olaf, what’re you talking about next october? I’m not all in the know right now, so explain?

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